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How to use your handbag in a Queenly manner

Queen Elizabeth IIDo you have a secret gesture or phrase which your friends and family know means you want to get out of an uncomfortable situation? Whether you use the gesture or phrase at a family get together or while out shopping, you're in very royal company! It has recently been revealed that the Queen has a variety of gestures that act as secret codes to let her entourage know when she's bored of a conversation or ready to leave an event. One of her secret gestures involves subtly twisting her wedding ring, which means that she is desperate for someone to intervene and rescue her from whomever she’s currently talking to!

It was also revealed that she uses her handbag as part of this complex series of codes! This had us thinking, what other ways could a handbag be used to get you out of an awkward situation? These alternatives may not be subtle or as polite as what the Queen does, but they’ll work (maybe… but probably not).

What the Queen does

The Queen uses her handbag in two different ways. The first is by switching her handbag from one arm to another, which is to indicate that she is ready to move onto another conversation – while this may sound like the same reasoning for her to twist her wedding ring, it’s much less desperate.

The queen’s second handbag gesture is to set her handbag down on the table during the event. This lets her staff know that she’s ready to leave the event, and acts as a five-minute warning. These are gestures that might be worth teaching our partners; we love the idea of being able to communicate via handbag!

How you can use your handbag

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have an entourage of people following us around who can save us and interpret our smallest gestures, so we have to do something more obvious with our handbags to let the other person know that we aren’t enjoying a conversation, or are ready to leave an event.

Hold a handbag up to their face

This is something you can do with your handbag and purse! If you find yourself in a conversation that is boring you to tears, or if you find yourself being condescended to, just slowly lift your handbag or purse up to the other person’s face, and hold it there. The closer you can put your bag to their face the better; this way, they’ll be fully aware that you aren’t interested in continuing the conversation.

Put your handbag over your head

If you think a person won’t ever stop talking, the alternative is to stop listening, and the best way to do this is by putting your handbag over your head, and hope all the various bits and pieces that you keep in your bag help drown out the noise. This has the added benefit of telling the other party to stop talking and move on, so they’re unlikely to come up to you again.

For obvious reasons, this should only be attempted with a decent sized handbag; trying this technique with a clutch or purse will only serve to be ineffective and make you look stranger than if you succeeded with a large handbag.

Use your handbag to create a diversion

We’ve covered ways how to get out of conversations, but how can you make an excuse to leave a social engagement early? The solution is of course to use your handbag as a diversion. This could be something as simple as leaving your handbag in the car and pretending you’ve lost it later in the evening. Alternatively, you could throw your handbag across the room, and excuse yourself to go pick it up, and never come back, although the latter isn’t a very subtle!

There we have it, some 100% effective ways to leave an unwanted social situation using your handbag. Of course, we don’t actually recommend trying any of these tactics, but then if it’s good enough for the Queen…

If you’re looking for a handbag to get you out of awkward situations, or as an accessory to perfectly complement your outfit, we’re sure to stock something that suits your tastes. You can order all of our handbags and purses online, or you can pop into our store in Abergavenny.

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