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What to wear in spring/summer 2017

DaffodilsWhether you thought 2016 was a great year, or the worst year ever, it's come to an end, and it's time to look to the future! More specifically, it's time to look at all the great fashion trends you will fall in love with this year. These trends will make your spring and summer magical!

Bright colours

Here at Fiore, we love bright colours, so we’re over the moon to hear that bright, bold colours are a must-wear fashion statement this year. Whether you focus your outfit around one base colour, or several complementary tones, it is a definite that this fashion trend will make you stand out in a crowd and brighten the day of anyone that sees you.

Best handbag for the trend: Power Pink Mia Grab Bag

Florals all over

The idea of florals being a spring trend may seem so obvious that it’s almost not worth commenting on, but this year, rather than having floral patterns on a single piece of clothing, the look to go for is looking like a botanical garden with floral patterns on as many items of clothing and accessories at once. This look can work well with bright colours for a really unique and powerful fashion statement.

Best handbag for the trend: Radley Hardwick


If florals aren’t your preferred design pattern, then you’re in luck, the fashion gods have given not one, but two great patterns to stand out in during the first half of 2017, the second being statement stripes.

Radley WillowLike the floral trend, while you can give a knowing nod to the trend with a single item or accessory, the preference is to go all-in and make striped patterns a common theme on each piece of clothing for an outfit. This fashion trend is ideal for people who want to stand out, but feel like floral patterns are a bit much.

Best handbag for the trend: Radley Willow

Bigger is better

There is much discussion when it comes to handbags about whether bigger is better, or if petite handbags rule the roost, however, when it comes to clothing, in 2017 bigger is definitely superior!

While leggings are always a popular favourite, the legwear to be sporting this year are wide-leg trousers, which will ensure that every step you take will make you feel powerful.

Alternatively, extra-large blazers are a great go-to, that is if you’re comfortable with the slow return of shoulder pads – is it 2017 or 1987?

Best handbag for the trend: Nappa Originals Tote

Mellow yellow

Along with florals, yellow is another trend that pops it head up every spring. This is a great trend if you’re looking for something colourful, but a bit more muted than standard bright coloured clothing, though that’s not to say you can’t mix two trends and wear super bright yellow clothing. This shade is particularly uplifting and will be a dose of sunshine in your day.

Best handbag for the trend: Radley DNA

Whatever trends you decide to embrace in 2017, we’re sure to have a handbag to suit your outfit. We have a range of designer handbags from brands like Tula, Radley and Gianni Conti available online and in our store in Abergavenny

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