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Radley returns to the Fiore

Willow handbagIf you frequently visit the Fiore website (and with so many great handbags and accessories, we'd be surprised if you didn't), you may have noticed that we haven't been stocking Radley products online for the last couple of years due to a Radley policy change in 2009. Today we have some fantastic news:

Radley handbags and accessories are once again available to order online!

That’s right, you can now purchase some of the cutest, stylish and beautiful handbags on the market from the comfort of your own home.

Beautiful handbags

Radley handbags are some of the most gorgeous available on the market, it’s no surprise that they’re so popular among our customers (fact: Fiore customers have a more refined sense of style compared to the rest of the world).

Radley handbags are well-known for being made from a variety of materials varying from the standard nylon of the DNA zip-top cross bag, or the Meadle leather of the Willow Large tote, all Radley handbags are of high-quality material, making them as sturdy as they are attractive to look at.

Hamilton purseOther fantastic Radley handbags include the Leader of the Pack grab bag, which is a limited-edition handbag with a classic silhouette and a charming design that really makes it stand out as an accessory. There is also the Boundaries Grab Bag, a much more traditional handbag made from tan Condor leather, which benefits from beautifully detailed stitching.

Perfect purses

Perhaps you’re not in the market for a new handbag at the moment, maybe what you really want is a new purse; fear not, Radley has a range of beautiful purses for all your cash and card storing needs.

Examples of Radley’s purses included the simple but elegant Willow matinee purse, the vibrant and heart-warming Little Ray of Sunshine purse, and the striped Hamilton purse. If you’ve fallen in love with the Leader of the Pack handbag above, why not treat yourself to the matching purse? These brightly coloured and elegantly designed purses are sure to make any day that much better!

Awesome accessories

It should be obvious by now that if you want accessories that are vibrant and colourful, Radley is the brand to go with. In fact, we even dedicated an entire blog to the best Radley accessories to cheer you up during the rainy weather!

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful umbrella, a tote to carry all your shopping, or even a notebook (which would go great with a Lamy pen!), there’s a Radley accessory for you.

Fleet Street notebookSome of our personal favourites include the Love Me, Love My Dog tote bag, which has a matching umbrella, as well as the elegant Fleet Street A6 notebook, but there’s something for everyone regardless of your taste. 

We’re so happy to be able to bring Radley back to the website, but that’s not the only great brand we have available, we also stock products from Tula, Fiorelli and many others! For all your handbag and accessory needs, think Fiore! If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or you can pop into our store in Abergavenny.

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