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Look incredible this autumn

Autumn has arrived, so it's time to start bundling up and dressing in reds, yellows and other autumnal colours. Autumn is also a chance to change up your wardrobe, and do something fresh and exciting with your fashion sense.

With that in mind, here are some of the biggest fashion trends for this autumn.


Cat purseEveryone loves cats, put a picture or a video of a cat in front of someone and they’ll instantly become engaged. The same will be true of your outfits if they incorporate some sort of cat related design, whether it’s a cat print blouse, an item of clothing with leopard print, or even an accessory or piece of jewellery with a cat theme, felines are in! You can immediately get on board with this trend with a Cat purse by Golunski.

Duffle coats

There has been a resurgence recently of designers who are in love with the 80s and 80s fashion (Netflix darling Stranger Things probably has something to do with this), which means that an 80s staple has returned, the duffle coat.

This year a duffle coat will be a fantastic alternative to the standard overcoat, and while there’s no need to go out and get one immediately, this old favourite could make a great new addition to your autumn/winter wardrobe.


It’s rare to find someone who didn’t enjoy dressing up, especially as a child. Now you can relive the childhood fantasy of becoming a ballerina because it’s a style that’s back in fashion! Which means high-waisted skirts are in, as are silk leotards and pink and grey colours.

Whether you want to wear ballet-inspired shoes, pleated skirts, or generally pastel pink colours, this trend will have you performing The Nutcracker all the way up to Christmas (it is too soon to mention Christmas?).



Last year, we put chokers on our list of fashion trends that should never make a comeback, and while we still stand by that sentiment, it’s undeniable that general neckwear is a top autumn style choice. This could be a skinny scarf, or something chunkier, as long as you have something around your neck, you’re golden. Neckwear will give your outfit a little something extra.


Admittedly, zebras are not as universally adored as cats, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a great animal to take style inspiration from.

Zebra print is a great alternative to leopard print, and you’re more likely to stand out wearing something in this pattern. Another benefit is the black and white nature of zebra print, meaning you can accessorise with bold colours, including a vibrant handbag!

Will you be making the most of these autumn trends, or will you set out and create your own distinct look? Either way, a great outfit needs a handbag to match, that’s why at Fiore we pride ourselves on stocking some of the most beautiful leather handbags available on the market. From Tula, to Fiorelli, to Radley, we have a handbag for everyone. For more information about any of our products, contact us, or pop into our store in Abergavenny.

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