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Our favourite Fiorelli handbags

The HennessyWe've previously highlighted our favourite Tula and Radley handbags, but now it's Fiorelli's time to shine! Fiorelli handbags are well-known for their distinct silhouettes, and gorgeous colours, so it was difficult for us to narrow it down to a top 5. If you haven't already fallen in love with Fiorelli handbags, this list is sure to change your mind!

Hennessy Shoulder Bag

The Hennessy is a fantastic handbag to take to the office (or your respective place of work), thanks to its mix of style and function. This spacious handbag means you never have leave anything behind, and what’s more, it comes with a drop handle to make carrying it easier.

The Hennessy is sleek and elegant, comfortably securing itself a place on this list, but its practicality make it a definite must own for people in the market for a professional handbag.

Fletcher East West Flapover

Another potential candidate for your next work bag is the Fletcher Mono. This handbag has a typical clutch design with an attached drop handle for an elegant look. While this handbag would suit an office environment, it’s much better for a date night or other occasions where you have to be your most sophisticated self.

If you’re looking to turn heads, or want to channel you’re inner Audrey Hepburn, the Fletcher is the handbag for you!

Mia Grab bag

Mia nauticalFrom office work to working at sea, the nautical colour scheme of the Mia grab bag, is sure to make you feel like a ship captain.

The Mia combines a traditional colour scheme with a stand out silhouette for an overall design that is just superb. The Mia features double handles for a more comfortable carrying experience, three compartments so you can store and organise your belongings, and a front flap with a magdot closure for a bit more storage and protection.

Madison tote

Now for something a bit more colourful – the Madison tote. The Madison has a classic tote shape, but it stands out thanks to its bright red colouring. This handbag is made from robust faux leather to give a look that is textured and stylish, while also creating a handbag that is sturdy as well as waterproof.

The Madison has enough space for all the essentials, so you can look good and have everything you might need handy.

Laurent Shopper Bag

Now it’s time for one of our absolute favourite Fiorelli handbags, the Laurent Shopper Bag!

Laurent Shopper bagEvery element of this handbag comes together to form an incredible whole. The silhouette and shape is instantly recognisable, giving it a bright and breezy appearance, as though you’re always just heading to the beach. The detailing and colours make it look much more playful than your average handbag. These elements combined with its roomy interior and handy adjustable shoulder handles make this a stand out in attractive and practical design. Though if you’ve made it this far through the list you know that a blend of style and practicality is the Fiorelli way!

If you haven’t found the perfect Fiorelli handbag for you, we have many more available online. For more information about any of our products, contact us, or pop into our store in Abergavenny.

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