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Going out for the day? Don't forget your handbag!

daytripWith the weather finally beginning to warm up, is the summer is the perfect time to go on day trips. Daytrips provide the perfect opportunity to explore somewhere new, or just revisit somewhere that means a lot to you. Either way, you're going to need a handbag that is lightweight, capable of storing your essentials, and unlikely to be too cumbersome to carry. It also has to be stunning, because at Fiore we only accept the best looking handbags!

Here are some of the best handbags that will be ideal for a daytrip.

Nappa Originals Small Flapover

The handbags in the Nappa Original collection by Tula are absolutely beautiful, but none are more convenient for long periods of walking and exploring than the flapover cross body bags. The supple material make them an absolute pleasure to carry, with the shoulder straps mean they are unlikely to cause any discomfort; these bags are designed for a life on the move. What’s more, these bags are perfect for all-season use, so you’ll definitely get mileage out of them.

Gianni Conti shoulder bag

Another over the shoulder bag, the Gianni Conti shoulder bag offers not only practicality with its many zip pockets, but also ounces of style and charm. This handbag comes with a zip top, a front pocket with a twist lock and a zip compartment inside and at the rear, so you’ll be able to carry all the essentials you’ll need.

Nappa Lock backpackNappa Lock Originals backpack

At Fiore, we have unofficially named 2016 the year of the backpack. It’s about time that we embraced handbags that are fun and different in their design. The Nappa Lock is a perfect example of why backpacks are so great, it is absolutely stunning and makes the ideal travel companion! You feel like you’re on a backpacking holiday, when actually you’re just walking around Abergavenny!

Gianni Conti Crossbody bag

This handbag is for people on the go and has the added benefit of being perfect to use as a work bag as well as an adventure bag; when it comes to choosing a handbag, it’s important to consider versatility!

This black Gianni Conti handbag is longer than it is wide, making it perfect for quickly grabbing the things that you need, meaning you no longer have to stop and reach down to try and find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Sorrento flap bag

This petite handbag is an absolute must-own for people who love smaller handbags, but it also makes a fantastic travel companion.

SorrentoThe Sorrento messenger bag has a postman’s lock, giving it an extremely distinctive style, while the handbag also has plenty of compartments to store your items. This handbag is extremely lightweight making it ideal if you’re spending the day walking or on public transport.

Laurent Shopper bag

Maybe your day out involves less exploring and more shopping? If so, the Laurent Shopper Bag will look perfect on your arm. This bright handbag is perfect for the summer weather, and the match of classic design and beautiful colours means it’s sure to stand out. The shoulder straps are also adjustable, so it can made to fit you perfectly.

Taylor Crossbody bag

Our final pick is the Taylor Crossbody bag. This handbag is perfect because it has enough room to store your essentials while being petite enough to restrict what you carry, meaning you can’t take the kitchen sink approach when packing for your day adventure.

Due to its size, the Taylor can be used as a travel companion or a day bag, it is perfect to serve as both!

Hopefully, now you’re all prepared for an incredible adventure, and whether you’re only going out for a day, or a short break, at Fiore we have the ideal handbag for you! For more information about any of our products, contact us, or visit us in store at our Abergavenny branch.

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