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Handbags: does size matter?

SorrentoLast year, we wrote an article about why oversized bags were the ultimate fashion essential, and while we still think oversized handbags are incredible and make any outfit pop, people are starting to choose smaller clutches and purses as their accessory of choice. Not only are clutches perfect for nights out, they’re the must-have accessory right now!

One in four Brits who bought a handbag in 2015 opted for a smaller version compared to a tote or bowling bag, with cross-body bags becoming ranked as one of the more popular types of handbag. This change in preference saw handbag sales rising only 5% in 2015 compared to 9% in 2014, however, 50% of people did buy a handbag in 2015, making them a much more popular accessory compared to belts and scarves.

So, why have people fallen in love with smaller handbags?

The benefits of a smaller handbag

It’s hard to deny that a smaller handbag has its benefits; while oversized handbags are perfect for travelling because they allow you to pack anything you might need during the journey, smaller handbags are perfect for travelling because they limit what you can take. Not only does this mean you have to pack more consciously, it means you have a much lighter load to carry if your travels involve a lot of walking with little chance to rest.

Packing consciously means that there’s much less chance that you’re going to have a bi-monthly declutter of your handbag. While declutters can be relaxing, they’re often more hassle than they’re worth, and all just so you can find an earring you haven’t seen in weeks.

It is also difficult to incorporate an oversized handbag seamlessly into an outfit, they often stand out, which can be fantastic, but when you’ve spent ages cultivating the perfect outfit, you want people looking at you, and not at the place you’ve put your keys and purse.

Small handbags to fall in love with

If, like us, you have decided that you can’t live without a small handbag, or if you’re looking to upgrade your current bag, we have some suggestions that will definitely make you swoon.

TaylorWhile not necessarily a handbag, nothing represents the benefits of smaller accessories better than clutch purses; these handheld accessories are fantastic for flaunting your style, and few are more pleasing to the eye than the Tula Originals clutch, which is sure to help you leave a lasting impression wherever you go!

Another handbag that’s perfect for a night out/not getting in the way when you want yourself to be the centre of attention is the Originals Premium, which is an elegant shoulder bag that is as beautiful as it is petite.

Of course, one of the most obvious examples of a small handbag that is incredibly elegant is the cross-body bag, and at Fiore, we have a range to choose from. The Kay is sure to bring out the adventurer in you thanks to its relaxed shape and camouflage-esque grey colouring. For something a bit more day-to-day, there’s the Sorrento, which is extremely lightweight and attractive – a complementary piece to any outfit without dragging you down. Alternatively, if you want a versatile cross-body handbag that will look at home whether you’re in work, out travelling, in a club or… at home, then you definitely want to see the Taylor, especially in the beautiful mono colour style.

There we have it, while we love handbags regardless of their size, it’s evident that smaller handbags have their benefits! Whichever size you prefer, we definitely have a handbag for you. Browse our products, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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