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Fashion tips for fun-lovers

Women having funWould you consider fashion to be fun, or do you find yourself feeling intimidated by the unwritten rules and codes of conduct that surround the industry? At Fiore we absolutely love fashion and take any opportunity we get to show off our flair for style, but rarely do we see media portrayals of fashion as being fun, which is a shame because fashion is fun. Inspired by style icons like Iris Apfel, we're going to give you some tips to start having a fantastic time with fashion!

Be bright

Mia power pinkOne of the easiest ways to make an outfit more fun is to complement it with a bright and colourful handbag or eye-catching accessories. While black will always be a timeless colour, it’s often better suited to a professional environment than to unleashing your inner fun-lover.

One of the best colours for a truly eye-catching handbag is power pink which is made all the more exciting when paired with the unique silhouettes of the Mia grab bag and Arizona shoulder bag by Fiorelli. Of course, chunky beads, and a mishmash of coloured accessories are sure to make your outfit that much more inventive.

Be unconventional

When was the last time the fashion industry made you laugh, in something other than a film? We suspected as much; the fashion industry has a reputation for being dour, with spokespeople refusing to smile.

That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to bring novelty to your everyday outfits. Whether it’s wearing a jumper with a cat on it, or a dress covered in pictures of your favourite celebrity, there’s nothing more fun than unleashing your inner-quirk.

If you want to be quirky but on a smaller scale, Tula has a range of purses with fantastically funny captions on them, which are sure to brighten up your any outfit!

Be brave

Every year there are two sets of Fashion Weeks that set the tone for the industry for that year, and sometimes the year afterward too. In an industry that prides itself on being the trendiest and most up-to-date, it’s often easy to lose your own style following trends.

Nappa Lock backpackWe believe the best thing to do is create your own trends! For example, 2016 promises to be the year of the backpack, a type of bag you probably associate with your time at school instead of something you’d use daily now. However, by dismissing backpacks you’re missing out on an accessory that is not only practical, but one that can also look absolutely gorgeous, like the Nappa Lock backpack!

There’s something exciting about going against what is expected of you, it’s very, very fun, don’t you agree?

Be adventurous

Name one item of clothing or accessory that you swore would never work on you, now go out and put that item on. Children love playing dress up because it gives them an opportunity to play out a reality where they are – or will be – a doctor, an astronaut, a firefighter or a Hollywood star. Fashion should be the same, experimenting with different outfits or accessories might lead you to finding a style of your own that matches your personality perfectly; it’s all about trying new things.

When we said fun with fashion, we bet you didn’t think we’d literally mean play games from your childhood!

Don’t you feel freer already? Soon you’ll be laughing out loud as you show off your newest creative outfit! If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned above, or any of our other beautiful handbags and purses please contact us or visit us in our Abergavenny store.

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