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Fiore's favourite leather handbags

At Fiore, we stock a range of beautiful handbags, so many in fact that in can be difficult choosing the just one! Don't fret though, we're here to make the job of choosing your new handbag slightly easier by suggesting some of our favourite designer leather handbags, which might help you pick your favourite too!

Gladstone handbagOur handbags are from Tumble & Hide, Gianni Conti and Tula, all of which are designer brands that sculpt leather into gorgeous silhouettes with a timeless appeal.

Tumble & Hide Gladstone bag

The Gladstone bag is a firm favourite here at Fiore, and we take every opportunity we can to recommend it. It is an elegant and spacious handbag, making it perfect for travelling, especially for city breaks.

The Gladstone is made from vegetable leather, which is created using tannins found in vegetable matter, such as tree bark, or roots. It is these tannins that give the Gladstone bag its supple colouring.

Nappa Lock backpack

Nappa Lock BackpackThe Nappa Lock is one of our newest products, but it has quickly won us over. We very rarely stock backpacks, but when we do they are absolutely beautiful, and the Lock is no exception. We’re positive that 2016 will be the year of the backpack!

The Lock is made from nappa leather, a faux leather that has a smooth feel, and should not be confused with napa leather, which is usually tanned from cow or sheep skin. Nappa and napa leather both share similar names because both materials share a softness which characterises them.

Gianni Conti frame handbag

Gianni Conti frame handbagThis Gianni Conti frame handbag has a Gladstone style with a classic silhouette, giving it an antique feel and an air of old-world glamour. You’re sure to feel like an old Hollywood star touting this handbag!

This bag is also made from vegetable leather, meaning the handbag has a fantastic colour that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Tumble and Hide Selva grab bag

Tumble and Hide SelvaMade from vegetable leather, the Selva grab bag shares the beautiful design of the Tumble and Hide Gladstone, but is a perfect fit for a professional environment, and it makes a fantastic workbag for any woman.

This leather handbag comes with everything you need, including combination lock fastening, a shoulder strap, a pocket for your mobile, and a loop for pens and keys – beautiful and practical.

Gianni Conti Double Handle bag

Gianni Conti double handle

This fantastic double handle handbag is another product that’s perfect to take with you on your travels. It is spacious enough to carry all the essentials, and comes with a detachable shoulder strap, making it a pleasure to carry around with you!

Tula Rye Multiway

Another new addition to the Fiore catalogue, the Rye Multiway by Tula combines a contemporary aesthetic on a classic day bag design. We absolutely adore the speckled design!

Rye medium multiwayThis handbag is made from Rye leather, for a smooth outer surface that is soft to the touch.

Oops, we may have made it even more difficult for you to choose just one of our beautiful leather handbags! For more information on any of our products contact us online or visit our FAQ page, alternatively, you can visit us at our store in Abergavenny where you can discover a wider range of our products, but we cannot guarantee that you won’t fall in love with everything we stock!

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