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A Fiore Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Stocking

Dear Santa,

I've been extremely good this year, so I think I deserve an extra special set of presents this Christmas. Luckily, I know exactly what presents I want, so you won't have to go to too much effort to get them; you can even get them from the same store: Fiore! I know you’re very busy right now, so I won’t waste your time. For Christmas this year, I would like:

Lamy pens

The Lamy Linea

I was going to write this letter by hand, but decided to type it after realising I didn’t have a pen that worked well enough. The first thing I’d like is a Lamy fountain pen. The stainless steel Logo is to die for, but I’m also in love with the herringbone finish of the Linea. If you’re having trouble deciding which one I would prefer, just get them both – I’m not too sure myself!

The Cherry Blossom Dog


I promised I would make your job easier for you, but you might have to put in a bit of effort here. If you’d be so kind as to order me a Radley catalogue so I could see all the gorgeous Radley handbags, purses and accessories that Fiore stock. If you don’t want to do that you could just pop into their store in Abergavenny and see their entire range.

I guess, I could always order the catalogue myself, it’ll take less than a minute!



A new year certainly calls for a new handbag, and I definitely want a handbag by Fiorelli, but which one do I go for?

The monochrome Sophia shoulder bag has a beautifully streamlined look, giving it a classical aesthetic. However, do I want to begin my 2016 with something classical, or should I make a bold statement? In that case, the Madison tote is definitely the bag for me; while it has the classical tote shape, the red colour really stands out and reminds me of autumn.

Then again, winter will be over soon, so maybe I should get a handbag that’ll be perfect for me to take out during the spring and the summer, then the Aniya shoulder bag would be perfect. The blend of vanilla and red colouring is incredible, and it comes with a very chic silhouette – it would be the perfect bag for 2016. Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Golunski wallet

I don’t know if you need help getting gifts for the men in my family, but have you seen the Golunski wallets that Fiore stock? Their wallets include retro designs and have enough slots to hold 6 cards, and they even have 2 note compartments! With a Golunski wallet, they’ll have no reason to complain.


One last thing: if I’m getting a new handbag, I definitely need to get a new purse to keep in it. I think a Tula purse would do the job nicely. I want something that really shows off how much of a fun-loving person I am, and the strong block colours of the Tula Ultra Violet Flapover wallet do the job perfectly.

Of course, if I was to get a more muted purse, it would be much more versatile and I could use it regardless of the outfit I was wearing. In that case, I think the Mallory Matinee purse would be ideal.

Tula Ultra Violet purse

Let’s not get me started on the novelty purses too! They’re such a cute way to store change. There’s too much choice for me to make a concrete decision – you’ll just have to get them all!

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I know I’ve asked for a lot, but if I get only one thing from this list, it will be an incredible Christmas. If you need help deciding on that one perfect Christmas gift, you should definitely contact Fiore or visit the shop, their wonderful staff will be happy to help you!

Merry Christmas!

See you soon,

A lover of fashion.

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