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The perfect handbags and purses for your Halloween costume

Clutch Originals by TulaHalloween is one of our favourite holidays here at Fiore, we love the atmosphere and spookiness of it all, but what we especially like is the fact that Halloween gives us an opportunity to dress up!

Halloween costumes are a brilliant way to express creativity, you can be something funny, something sexy, or something scary; half the fun of Halloween is creating the perfect costume! If you, perhaps, need some help with your Halloween costume this year, not only have we come up with some fantastic suggestions, we’ve picked the perfect purses and handbags to go with your costume. After all, even things that go bump in the night like to look good!

The modern princess

Halloween doesn’t have to be all ghouls and ghosts, it’s really an opportunity to dress up as anything, so why not let the world know about your inner-princess? Of course, we’re not talking about an antiquated princess from a Tudor court, you want to be a princess of the modern day: a punk rock princess.

By altering the typical silhouette of a princess: skirt, blouse and tiara, with something newer and more fashionable, you could easily look like a member of a stylish, modern monarchy. You can push the look even further by wearing bright pink clothes, or a mixture of pink and white, and wear your tiara on a slant. To finish your look you definitely need the bright pink Nappa shoulder bag by Tula which is lightweight and comfortable, and will let everyone know that you’re not the type of princess that waits for Prince Charming to come to them.

Mary Poppins

If you’re a calm and confident person who always has everything under control, why not dress up as Mary Poppins for Halloween? Not only is this outfit easy to put together, your costume will also protect you from the autumn weather! What would Mary Poppins be without her hat, long coat, scarf and umbrella?

Gladstone bagIf you are going to be Mary Poppins though, you are definitely going to need the Gladstone bag by Tumble and Hide. This bag comes with enough space to shake a stick at, and the tree you took the stick from! For true costume authenticity, we recommend filling the bag with random items and pulling them out at casual intervals as the night goes on.

Silent Movie Star

If you want yet another simple costume idea, which involves slightly more dedication (that is, covering your face is grey or chalky powder) then maybe you should spend the evening as a silent movie star. All you need is a glitzy dress - black sequins are the go-to - and bob your hair and you’re done. Chalk your skin to give yourself an old, grainy film stock look and you’re good to go. You could always forego the chalk and dress up as a 1920s flapper, but where’s the fun in that?

The best bag to convey the glitz, glamour and excess of old Hollywood is definitely the Cyndi shoulder bag: the chain-look shoulder strap and padded exterior are perfect whether you’re going to a party at a friend’s house or planning to walk down the red carpet.

Little Red Riding Hood

For a classic fairy tale look, there’s no better person to dress up as than Little Red Riding Hood. What’s brilliant about this costume idea is that, as long as you have a red shawl, or hood, you can pretty much dress up however you want, so you could go classical or put a modern spin on a classic design.

Cyndi shoulder bagSo rather than packing your Little Red off to granny’s house with a wicker picnic basket, why not have her store her goodies in a Luella or Aniya, both by Fiorelli and both with hints of red to keep your costume in perfect unison!

Morticia Addams

This has to be the king (or should we say queen?) of all Halloween costumes, and an absolute fan favourite: Morticia Addams from the Addam’s Family! No other costume allows you to be simultaneously sexy, elegant, and ghoulish while dressing up as horror’s favourite wife. This costume allows you to be drop-dead gorgeous - enough to wow everyone else who sees you - and all you need in a little black dress, red lipstick and the Tula Originals Clutch and you’ll be ready to finger snap the night away.

If you don’t plan on dressing up as anything specific, then we have a wide range of handbags on our website that are so gorgeous it’s scary! From Fiorelli to Tula, we’re sure to have something for everyone. We also offer a wider selection of products in our Abergavenny store; for more information, pop in to visit us or contact us.

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