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The best clutch bags and purses for a night on the town

Chau Matinee PurseIs there anything more fun than having a night out on the tiles? Dancing, a glass of wine or two, and good company, there's nothing more enjoyable than an evening out with friends, and with the nights drawing in, you have even more evening to enjoy! 

But for the perfect night out, you also need the right clutch or purse, something that isn't too large, or drab; you need something that will shine when matched with your best party gear! At Fiore, we have a range of fantastic clutch bags and purses that will turn cocktail night with the girls into an evening you’ll remember forever!


A clutch bag is vital for an enjoyable evening, you need a handbag that isn’t too bulky, but spacious enough to keep your essentials safe. It’s also handy to have a bag that comes with a detachable strap (which all of these clutches do) to make sure you don’t lose it when holding it becomes a bit tiring.

We’re cheating a bit with our first clutch bag because it’s actually an organiser; the Florentina Organiser comes with a detachable strap, meaning it has fantastic versatility and practicality. This is a bag that you could take into the office and then straight to the cocktail bar, meaning you don’t have to turn down any spontaneous night out!

Tula Originals ClutchIf a swanky meal and a trip to the theatre is more of your ideal evening, then we highly recommend the Originals Clutch by Tula! This handbag comes with the traditional leather look that Tula bags are well-known for, giving your evening another touch of class.

The ultimate clutch for a night out has to be the Dixie clutch by Fiorelli, and it’s easy to see why! The bag comes in a gorgeous sheer white colour with black patterning, creating a fantastically vibrant look. So, whether you’re dancing to your favourite songs, or sitting down for a relaxing meal, you’re sure to stand out with the Dixie clutch!


If you plan on having a quieter evening, maybe all you need are the essentials: credit and debit cards, ID and money. In that case, why take a clutch with you when you could fit everything you’d ever need in a purse?

Matinee flapoverIf you want to stand out in a crowd and wow people with your elegance, the Tula Flapover Matinee Purse is for you! This purse has plenty of room for cards and cash, and is adorned with white trim on the hems – practical and gorgeous.

The Tula frame purse is the smallest accessory on this list, making it the easiest to store away if you don’t particularly want to carry a clutch or a purse around. This purse has a beautiful vintage look, with the appearance of a coin purse, clasp included!

Much like the Dixie clutch, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then you have to see the Tula Chau matinee purse, which comes in either red, white or yellow. This large zip around purse is adorned with a dotty pattern, making the purse both charming and fun, it’s a definite showstopper!

If you’d like to browse through the other bags we have available, please visit our online shop, where you can find a selection of gorgeous handbags and purses. For a larger selection to choose from, please visit our Abergavenny store!

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