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The best handbags for professional women

A few months ago, we wrote an article on the essentials every working woman needs to get her through the work day in the most stylish and professional way possible. While that piece touched a little on the importance of handbags, we thought it would be good to suggest some of the best bags we have available for working women here at Fiore; no matter your profession, we’re sure we have the perfect professional-looking handbag for you!  

The Simple

Arbia by Tumble and HideThe Tumble and Hide Arbia is a great little handbag for storing your essentials. Eschewing the largeness typically associated with work bags, the Arbia is a stylish and simple handbag, for those who want to store crucial work items, without feeling bogged-down. If you’re only taking a few pens, a notebook, your purse and a small selection of make-up, then why trouble yourself with an oversized bag?

The Arbia also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad, and a combination lock; this simple bag is ideal for the working woman who knows she’s got it and doesn’t feel the need to flaunt it.

The Monochrome

The Sophia is a shoulder bag that screams elegance, and it is possibly the most versatile handbag on this list thanks to its sleek monochrome design. This deceptively spacious bag is perfect for holding all of your office essentials, while still having room for anything you might need for a spontaneous after-work meal or trip to the pub, because time waits for no-one and with the Sophia you won’t need it to!

The Modern

JennaIf you’re looking for a bag that borrows from classic handbag designs, but with a contemporary look, the Jenna by Fiorelli is perfect for you. The gorgeous design is certain to make you the talk of your office; the black design means it will match all of your outfits, making it the ultimate bag for professionals who want to look stylish, but don’t want to fuss with finding a suitable handbag for each outfit.  

The Sophisticated

The Selva Grab Bag is a fantastic little handbag for people who want to cultivate a high-flying image for themselves. The Selva comes with a combination lock fastening, a mobile phone pocket, pen loops and a key loop, making it perfect for storing all of your crucial office accessories. This bag, by Tumble and Hide (who also designed the Arbia), is comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at, ideal for showing off on your way to the office, without rubbing your shoulder and causing discomfort.

The Classic

Selva by Tumble and HideThe Trento is a handbag made in the UK, but inspired by Italy; it combines both fantastic British tanning craftsmanship with a gorgeous Italian design to create a classic-looking work bag. The Trento comes with several compartments making it perfect for storing important documents and files, so you’ll never be a loss as to where those important contracts are!

Those were our top five bags for working women, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have other handbags that would be perfect for your working needs.

At Fiore, we have the perfect handbag for every occasion; be it work, play, travel, or simply for versatility, we’re sure to have the perfect handbag for you on our online store or in our Abergavenny store. For further information or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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