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A Radley in the rain

Summer this year has been typically British, scorching heatwaves gave way to torrential rain, and honestly, was it any surprise? A few months ago we suggested the best Radley handbags for your summer excursion, but now that the weather has taken a turn for the worse, we thought it would be a good time to look at our favourite Radley umbrellas, totes and shoppers, so that you’re truly prepared whatever the weather; these accessories can be stored comfortably in your Radley handbag, just in case the weather becomes frightful.


The Cherry Blossom DogBritish (Welsh, in particular) rain has made the trusty umbrella a must-carry accessory; who knows when the skies will decide to open? As August gives way to September, this unknowingness will only increase; we have had our two months of summer, now it is time for the rainy season. The speed with which a rain shower can begin means you need an umbrella that is practical to keep on you, looks stylish and can be opened in a matter of seconds, luckily, Radley have a wide range of telescopic umbrellas to save the day!

A telescopic umbrella is called such because it is able to be extended and retracted, much like a telescope, meaning it is extremely compact, and perfect for storing in your handbag.

The Cherry Blossom Dog is one of our favourite Radley umbrellas, its design features company mascot, Radley the dog, running around falling cherry blossoms. This gorgeous design is sure to make you walk with a lighter step on a dreary day. To perfect the look, this umbrella also has a matching tote bag - double the Radley, double the cheer!

On a rainy day, you might sometimes wish you could fly away and escape to somewhere warmer; if this is something you can relate to, then the A Little Bird Told Me umbrella is for you! This umbrella features Radley playing with a group of birds. After all, rain is weather for the ducks!

Totes & Shoppers

The Spot On toteTote and shopper bags are the perfect bag for rainy weather as they’re readily foldable, making them easy to store. They also have the advantage of being quick drying and machine-washable. Tote bags are the perfect all-weather bag, and Radley have a huge range of them to brighten up even the wettest of days.

The Spot On is a perfect tote for shopping on a windy day; the design features large rose bubbles, which is perfect for those of you with a bubbly personality. It also has a zip-top opening, meaning that whatever you store inside won’t become wet (or covered in sand if we happen to have a rare sunny day and you decide to head to the beach)! There is also room to store the matching Spot On umbrella, should you want to match your accessories and complete your look!

The Radley Crazy Dogs shopper is a much more muted, but still fantastic design. Featuring Radley (of course), butterflies and flowers, this bag is simple but elegant, ideal for those who aren’t willing to let the rain stop them from looking fabulous.


If you refuse to accept that the best of the weather is behind us, Radley also have a diverse range of stunning sunglasses.

The Radley Constantine sunglasses boast a sleek, frameless design which comes in pink or purple. These glasses come with small flower adornments on the sides, and are the ideal accessory for people who want their fashion to be subtle but definite.

If you are after a pair of sunglasses that will make you stand out from the crowd however, the Radley Metomas are just the thing, thanks to their chunkier, more fun design. The Metomas has a retro look, with the frame and side arms adorned with a spots and stripes design - a great choice for keeping your spirits up!

While we’ve taken a look at our personal favourite Radley accessories, that definitely doesn’t mean they’re the only ones we stock. If you want to see our entire range of Radley products, please order a free catalogue today! You can also see the wide variety of other brands we stock on our online store, and if you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to contact us or visit our store in Abergavenny.

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