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Become a fount(ain pen) of knowledge

The Lamy LineaIf you had a bad experience using a fountain pen in school, we understand that the thought of going back to one may cause a small shudder down your spine; but we beg you, stay with us. Fountain pens have become remarkably more user friendly in recent years, and we at Fiore hope to convince you to take the plunge back into the world of fountain penmanship.

The rise of the fountain pen

In 2014, the sale of fountain pens rose by 9% and the pens have become increasingly popular with children and adults – that’s right, people are actively seeking out fountain pens for their writing needs! The reason why the pens are more popular than ever is because manufacturers have perfected the design and production stages to ensure that they are less likely to leak. Although inkwells are still available if you want to use an ink converter or a reservoir fountain pen, all of our Lamy fountain pens use ink cartridges for a cleaner writing experience. If that’s not enough, fountain pens don’t require excessive vertical pressure in order to make the ink flow, meaning that they are the best choice if you want to avoid aches and pains in your back, shoulders and arms.  

The Lamy LogoLamy pens are reliable and stylish, resulting in them becoming one of the most popular fountain pen brands in the world. Lamy is a company that shows no sign of stopping, and, after a successful 2014, they are now preparing for their ‘50 Years of Lamy Design’ in 2016, which sees them celebrating the launch of the Lamy 2000 in 1966, the design which demonstrated just how unique and attractive these pens are. In a recent blog post released by the company, it was said that “Lamy is not only a brand rich in tradition, it is also an international brand with future and vision”, and it’s clear from the pens that we stock that this holds true!

Lamy Logo

The Lamy Logo is our most contemporary looking Lamy pen, perfect for those wordsmiths who want to write classically but look modern. The cartridge holder has a ribbed motif, which is a stand out feature on the gorgeous stainless steel brushed design.

The pen comes with a spring-loaded clip, which is perfect for securing it onto a pocket, be it a shirt, blouse or trouser; Lamy is so confident that their fountain pens won’t ruin your clothes that they actively encourage you to keep the pen attached to an article of clothing. Now that shows conviction!

If that hasn’t already sold you, the pen was designed by Wolfgang Fabian, an award-winning designer with a love for unique patterns, especially on the cartridge holder.

Lamy st

For a sleek design that oozes sophistication, look no further than the Lamy st; this stainless steel fountain pen comes with a matt finish making it a pen that is stylish because of its minimalism. The pen boasts a much more elegant design when compared to the Logo, but is still beautiful.

The Lamy stDesigned by Gerd A. Müller, the brilliant mind behind the Lamy 2000, the st in an unostentatious pen, which again, comes with a spring-loaded clip.

Lamy Linea

If you want the best of both worlds, then the Lamy Linea is perfect for you as this pen combines the sleekness of the st and the contemporary style of the Logo. The Linea comes with either a beautiful herringbone finish or a gorgeous striped anodised aluminium décor. What’s more, both of these designs are lightweight, allowing you to write comfortably for hours on end – trust us, with a Lamy pen you’ll never want to stop writing!

The Lamy pens come with a gift box making them a perfect present for a loved one, or even as a treat for yourself; after all, isn’t it time that you fell back in love with fountain pens?      

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of fountain pens, then why not browse our entire range of Lamy pens which includes ballpoint, rollerball, and of course, fountain pens? You may have a preference as to what tip you write with, but there is no denying that Lamy products are some of the most beautifully designed pens on the market. For more information on any of our pens, please contact us or visit our store in Abergavenny.

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