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Hippie-Hippie-Hooray: Bohemian fashion is back in style

A hippieNext month Green Man Festival is returning to the Brecon Beacons for another celebration of love, creativity and freedom. At Fiore, to celebrate this magical festival we have decided to look at how to get the perfect bohemian chic look, especially as it has made an exciting return this year.

The boho style is taking Australia by storm at the moment, but you just need to watch coverage from any UK festival this summer to know that the style is back in force and not just something exclusive to our friends down under! All of our favourite celebs are dressing up as if it were Woodstock for a new generation and it’s time that you did too. Taking inspiration from boho fashion icons like Janis Joplin, Chaka Khan and Florence Welch, here is some advice on how to best free your inner nature spirit.


When it comes to clothes, the bohemian style is all about feeling at one with nature, so flowing clothes are a must. Breezy shirts and skirts will let you feel the wind on your knees; if it’s cold you could always take a leaf out of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks’ book and drape yourself in a black shawl.

As far as colours are concerned, you can either go muted or you can go bright, there is no in-between. If you’re going for more muted colours then pale greens and light browns are ideal, however if you want to be more Florence Welch than Janis Joplin then you just need to see her outfit from Glastonbury this year to see how to rock colours in your beatnik ensemble.    


The Tula Originals in tanIf you’ve gotten your clothes together then it’s time to find the perfect footwear; as with any other style, shoes can make or break an outfit. The most common shoe of choice to be a true flower child are either flat sandals, thigh-high gladiator sandals, or fringed boots (as a side note, fringed everything is acceptable to convey a sense of inner-bohemia).

However, if you want to give your look a more contemporary feel, then you’ll want to get a pair of wellington boots. Hunter wellies have been particularly popular with festival-going celebs this year, but any pair of wellies will complement your outfit. One benefit of wellies compared to sandals is they provide much better foot protection when you’re out wandering and enjoying what nature has to offer; you might not feel quite as close to nature if you lose a sandal in a mud puddle that you didn’t spot in time.  


You have the clothes, you have the shoes, there’s just one necessary component to complete the bohemian style: accessories! This style is all about accessorising and a good rule of thumb is ‘the more, the merrier’. Loose necklaces, dangling earrings, wrist and ankle bracelets are all crucial to give you the true nature lover’s look. Wear as many accessories as you can, as long as they stand out; what good is having a dozen bracelets on if they fall into the background of your outfit?

Kay Crossbody by FiorelliYou get bonus points if you find accessories that are made from natural materials, or inspired by nature; you finally have the opportunity to don those peacock-feather drop earrings that you just had to buy but haven’t had a chance to wear yet!

Now that you look like a true bohemian why not give your outfit a final flourish with one of our handbags? The Tula Originals in tan would complement a more muted outfit, or would work as a fantastic eye-catcher if your outfit is fun and bright. If you want something to convey how relaxed you feel - because clothes and accessories can only go so far, you need the right attitude – then you might want to finish your outfit with a Kay Crossbody Bag by Fiorelli in grey; it’s a bag that falls easily into stylishness, just like you.

If the hippie look isn’t for you, worry not, we have handbags to suit any style of dress; for more information visit our online store, contact us or visit our branches in Cowbridge and Abergavenny.

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