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Pack smart this summer

Some people might consider packing a painful procedure that you just want over and done with - the packing, not the trip that is! But let's be honest it's not every day you leave the country for a well-deserved relaxing holiday. So this year let's make packing fun, or at least pain free. Packing should be simple, not a setback, so it’s time to get you in the mood for a fabulous trip – wherever that may be! Here’s our guide on what you should pack for your holiday.

Destination central

Where are you going this summer?City breaks usually take place over a 3 or 5 day period, and on occasion some might go for around a week. However, usually they are short getaways and therefore it’s all about packing light! Ditch your suitcase for an oversized bag, you don’t want to lug a suitcase around whilst your sightseeing. Don’t take more than you need; two pairs of shoes is enough (believe it or not), a gorgeous pair of strappy sandals for the day and small heels for the night. Take 2 outfits for each day (one for daytime wear and one evening wear), this means you can change out of something like a maxi or sun dress to a more appropriate outfit for your evening meal. When it comes to packing your wash-bag don’t take more than you need; in 9 out of 10 cases the hotel will provide shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser and soap but if you’re anything like us, you know what you like and you stick to it. So be sure to buy a travel size kit of empty containers for your necessities!

What to pack for the perfect beach breakIn contrast, if you’re going on a relaxing beach break this summer then it’s time to be as frivolous as you want with your packing. You’ll be restricted by a certain weight however, depending on your flight you should be entitled to take more. This might encourage you to fill your suitcase but have some restraint since you might want to bring a few bits and pieces home. Again it’s good to take outfits for both daytime and evening purposes.

Other than the aforementioned, we’d advice that the following should really be on your essentials list:

A travel purse

Most definitely a given, but sometimes it’s important to state the obvious to avoid forgetting it! MyWalit is ideal for jetting off because it’s big and bright enough for you to find it amongst the million other essentials in your bag and with a selection on offer, you can find one to suit your trip.

Phone and charger

Do not forget your phone or charger! And don’t forget to check what your mobile network contract states about international calls. There are some pretty sweet deals out there now but if you’re not so lucky, get yourself a sim abroad so that you can contact your nearest and dearest. We recommend keeping the gaming and social media to a minimum whilst away to avoid racking up data charges.

Camera and charger

Snap happyDepending on whether you have a separate camera to your phone, this will be a must if you do. Wherever you are going the sites are going to be those that you want to capture whether it’s because of the memories you’re making or the sights you’re seeing. And of course, don’t forget your charger, you’ll probably be so snap happy it will need charging up once or twice!

Sun cream and after sun

It doesn't matter whether it’s hot, cloudy or even raining, sun cream should always be included on your check list to protect from harmful UV rays. It may sound dull but it’s better to be safe than sorry, plus, if you look after your skin now you can prevent early signs of ageing!


Depending on where you’re going you may want to have a more relaxed look during your break, especially if the sun is shining – it’s great to let your face get some sun without any make-up interfering. Mascara, lip balm or gloss and concealer would be our recommended items to take.


Taking your sunnies is a difficult one to decide on given that you will be face with the challenge of interesting tan marks or being completely blinded! We say take them – they are the perfect cover up if you fancy a day without make up and they will look fabulous. End of.

Last but not least… don’t forget your passport!

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