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A handbag for every event: our guide on the best brands to suit your lifestyle habits

Most occasions require a specific handbag, and what most women want is to find the right handbag, be it a formal bag, a casual weekender, or a wedding accessory. Having one bag per situation will make your life a whole lot easier. When you're searching for a handbag to suit a certain occasion, it's easy to drift away from what you’re looking for and to get lost amidst the sea of bags available out there, so we’re here to help you choose the ideal bag for each situation.

The fundamental shopper

Shopping is a sport! We’re not even kidding, which is why your handbag should be useful, adaptable and accessible, and this is where size, straps and pockets can make all the difference. When choosing a shopping bag, you want it big, but not oversized; a moderately-sized handbag allows you to fit in your purchases without putting a strain on your shoulder. Furthermore, a perfect shopping bag has both shoulder handles and an adjustable body strap, that way you can alternate your handling technique to make you feel more comfortable. Finally, plenty of pockets will separate your accessories such as lip balm and make-up from your shopping, allowing you to keep your bag organised

Fiorelli shopping bag selection

Our choice: Fiorelli handbags

Fiorelli has a large range of bags that offer just about everything for those who love to shop. We’ve taken on the impossible task for you and have whittled it down to four shopping favourites that certainly won’t let you down: the Niki Tan Tote, the Sophia Large Shoulder Bag, the Luella Large Grab and the Mia Grab. These fabulous Fiorelli handbags are medium-sized, designed with internal pockets, and have both straps and handles. The fantastic four tick all of the boxes, and will therefore offer you a more hassle-free shopping trip.

Getting down to business

If you’re trying to maintain the professional, smart and sophisticated work look, don’t let your bag drag you down! Finding a bag that is suitable for work can feel difficult, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. If you tend to keep everything in your work bag, including your laptop, work files and lunch (sounds heavy!) then we’d definitely recommend going for a suitably sized, sturdy bag. Leather is the ideal material for your work handbag, since it keeps your style professional and classic. When it comes to colour, choose something that will match all of your work outfits. We think the best colours for work wear are black, navy, cream and brown, so stick to these tones and you can’t go wrong!

Gianni Conti Leather Dome Bag

Our choice: Gianni Conti

Gianni Conti has established itself as a company who really cares about the quality of their handbags, which is why all of their bags are made in Italy, from the finest leathers and luxurious materials. Gianni Conti truly pays attention to detail, which is why their handbags make for the perfect accessory for your work outfits. What is more, you can buy their excellent quality leather bags without breaking the bank, like the Gianni Conti Across-the-body Leather Bag and the stunning Leather Dome Bag; both of these gorgeous handbags will add extra class to your professional look.

The party fixture

When it comes to partying, think size and style; smaller handbags are the best picks since they’re more comfortable to lug around all night, but be sure to invest in a bag that will fit all of your essentials in. When it comes to style, go glamorous with a gorgeously coloured and smartly structured handbag.

Our choice: Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness LipsYour night-out bag should be tasteful and timeless, which is why we love the stunning Lulu Guinness Lips; with its funky design and stunning colour variety, could there be a more perfect party bag? Millie Mackintosh doesn’t seem to think so! This handbag is the perfect size to fit in everything you need on your night out - phone, makeup and hairspray - and comes in a range of gorgeous colours that will look hot next to any outfit. What’s more, when it’s time to show off your moves on the dance floor, you can transform your handbag from a sophisticated clutch to an across-the-body bag.

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