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Wedding season is fast approaching... are you ready?

It's that time of year where everyone starts to get a little bit excited at the prospect of longer days, spring/summer fashion and of course, weddings! So here at Fiore we thought we'd give you a little helping hand to find the essential handbags that will survive the season.

There are various trends on the wedding scene this year and we’re pretty excited about the assortment on offer! Now, we know that you do not want to blend in with the wedding theme, but sometimes it's nice to know what’s hot and what’s not, so that you can complement the scene, rather than stick out like a sore thumb... you’ll thank us when you look back at the pictures!

Rhubard & Custard

Rhubarb and custard

Don’t be alarmed! The colours contrast as wonderfully as the flavours do in the traditional sugary sweet treat, which makes this beauty from Tula the perfect accessory for your summer wedding wardrobe. The hues within this design provide a subtle pop of colour without bombarding the overall outfit, thus allowing you to relax in the reassurance that you will not be taking any limelight away from the bride, but will definitely fit in with her overall theme.   

The classic clutch

Fiorelli Dixie ClutchAhh, the clutch! It is most definitely a staple item to have in your wardrobe, especially given that you can use it for so many different occasions – weddings, date night, sunbathing in the beer garden… ok so the last one is ‘clutching’ at straws, but do you really need any more excuses?! We thought not. Our particular favourite for the wedding season is the ever so sweet Dixie clutch by Fiorelli. It goes with practically everything, so even if you’re going to a ‘SteamPunk’ themed wedding or a black tie affair, there is no need to stress because your versatile handbag will look fantastic, without detracting from the theme.

Go neutral

Tula Ivory NappaSometimes it’s ok if your clothing is doing the talking rather than your accessories - as long as you accessorise it with a stunner of a bag, like the Ivory Nappa by Tula. For a graceful, elegant look, this handbag is perfect as you can fit in all of your wedding essentials, without it looking too bulky. By choosing an ivory coloured bag, you can wear pretty much any colour that you fancy; personally we envisage a navy mid length number with it to keep the look tasteful yet chic, but this obviously depends on the colours of the wedding theme!

Don’t forget your Lamy!

There’s one thing that is guaranteed to be forgotten about at a wedding, and it’s pretty important given that it is a vital tool to provide the happy couple with well wishes… a pen!Lamy St Ballpoint Pen Relax, it’s not anything huge that you need to fit in your bag but it’s definitely something handy to have. Now, we’re not just talking about any old biro, we’re talking about the Lamy St Ballpoint Pen. It is the don of all pens and everyone will be trying to sneak it away with them at the end of the night!

Which style do you prefer? Rhubarb and custard, classic, or neutral? We hope you now feel a little more at ease in the knowledge that you have got your fundamentals sorted for the summer and, more importantly, for wedding season! Feel free to share some photos with us on social media, or to ask us for some advice by visiting our Abergavenny or Cowbridge shops!

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