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A bag to suit all seasons

Rain photo by Sascha Kohlmann on Flickr

The New Year has sailed in some rather bizarre weather conditions, with stormy winds that will sweep you off your feet, thunderous rain and glassy ice sheets. Adventuring in these conditions can be challenging enough without the concerns of damaging or soaking your new canvas bag. Choosing a handbag that will suit all types of weather can prove difficult, particularly when you’re trying to keep up with this season’s trends, but don’t worry, we are here to help you make the right decision! Here at Fiore, we supply stylish bags that are suitable for all weather conditions.

The bigger the better

This season, when choosing a handbag, think big. If you’re struggling to cram in all of your essentials then it is time for an oversized bag. 

Large Bowling Bag by Fiorelli available at Fiore

You are probably finding the thought of lugging around a bigger bag than what you are used to quite daunting, but this season you will feel like your shoulder handbag is your best friend. A large handbag will let you freely slip in your essentials as well as your umbrella and winter warmers. Purchasing a big bag will encourage you to stick to your New Year’s resolutions now that January is over, whether it’s going to the gym, or being more organised.

Our pick: Fiorelli’s Tessa Tan Large Bowling Bag.

This stylish and bold Bowling Bag is the perfect winter accessory – big enough to fit in everything you will need this winter, without slowing down your shopping trip!

Fabric is everything

Gianni Conti Leather Dome Bag available at FioreWhatever the size of your handbag, when the unpredictable British weather strikes, you’ll be thankful you thought about what your handbag is made of. We personally think that handbags made from durable fabrics, such as leather or vinyl, are ideal – avoid fickle and flimsy canvas bags since they will get destroyed by the rain, and that would be a shame!

Our pick:  Gianni Conti Leather Dome Bag

This leather handbag will keep your belongings dry and unspoilt, and its hard-wearing leather material will deflect the rain and will endure the blazes from the sun without fading. We’re ready to bet this robust and timeless bag will be your number one accessory right through to summer!

Gianni Conti Over the Shoulder bagPoppers are for stoppers

At this time of year, unfortunately, poppers are a no-go: you don’t want to be caught in a storm with your bag wide open! Instead, we advise you to stick to sturdy zipped handbags that will protect your belongings.

Our pick: Gianni Conti Leather over the Shoulder Bag

This smart and snazzy bag is the perfect pick this winter! The bag has a secure and durable main zip and an internal zip to keep your most precious belongings protected.

Purchase a bag with pockets this winter

Bridget Monochrome Tote Bag by Fiorelli available at Fiore

Pockets are great time-savers since you won’t need to rummage through your bag to dig out your purse. 

Pockets are a great way to organise your belongings, as they allow you to separate your Kindle from your lunch. Handbags with pockets are not only handy for storing your necessities, they are being pranced down the runway this season. When selecting your winter handbag, choose one with a trendy large front pocket.

Our pick: Fiorelli’s Bridget Monochrome Tote Bag

This classy bag is this season’s must have, and its design makes it a seasonal treasure! The external pocket is great for keeping your on-the-go essentials in a locatable, easy-to-reach place.  

We hope that our advice on selecting your perfect season bag was helpful. For personalised one-to-one advice on selecting a handbag that’s right for you, our fantastic team at Abergavenny and Cowbridge is happy to help! Simply pop into either store and we’ll be delighted to talk about handbags with you – after all, they’re one of our favourite things!

Now you have heard Fiore’s advice on selecting your winter bag, we want to hear what you think, so feel free to tweet your opinion to us at @FioreDirect!

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