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The Ultimate Essential: The Oversized Bag

To say that we are in love with the oversized handbag would be an injustice. It's functional, certainly makes a statement and is, of course, extremely fashionable. This particular accessory will go down in history as a fashion classic alongside other firm favourites, such as the LBD, the Mary Jane, the leather jacket, the trench, the list goes on... The good news for you is that here at Fiore we have picked out our absolute oversized bag must-haves to get heads turning this season, next season and indeed the one after that!

There are a good few styles out there so you don’t have to worry about bumping into someone and having the awkward ‘I have that bag!’ conversation. It’s important to be as creative as you can be when it comes to styling an outfit in the formation of the overall ensemble - and the right handbag makes a perfect finishing touch. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a competition of who has the biggest bag, if anything we generally prefer the smaller of the oversized bags. They are more functional, we promise, and let’s face it, the Father Christmas sack over the shoulder look is a definitely overrated! You want to still be able to go about your day-to-day routine without having to schedule in the chiropractor too. 

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!  

The Bowling Bag

fiorelli tan bowling bag at fioreWhile we tend not to use this bag in the way the name suggests, it does make for an excellent oversized accessory! Think of all that space you have to fill with your essentials. Perfect for the beginning of the year when you’re focused on your NYR, this bag can keep everything you need to achieve these goals in one easy, organised location that can be with you on-the-go. Even if you’re among the majority that have given up their NYR already or are wondering why you actually started one – this bag is for you. Let’s face it, we will come up with a million reasons as to why we need the bag but actually, it’s as simple as “if we like it, we buy it”! You’re probably wondering where you can find such a beautiful specimen. Well, wonder no more, as Fiore present to you the Fiorelli Tessa Tan Large Bowling Bag. A word to the wise, this bag definitely sits comfortably in the oversized category but do not feel the need to fill it to the brim – you may miss your train from lugging everything around!

The Tote

fiorelli niki tan tote at fioreAh, the tote – such a versatile bag that can be used on a daily basis for almost anything. The definition of a tote is literally ‘a large bag used for carrying a number of items’, which, to us, can generally be applied to most of our bags! If, however, you would like to be a little more practical about your bag choices, this one is perfect for the more studious among us. The tote is ideal for carrying books, files and iPads or tablets due to its longer body but it is not as complex as the bowling bag, so if you’re looking for a safe bet then this style is for you. We love the Fiorelli Niki Tan Tote as it’s the perfect everyday staple item – stunning on the outside and spacious on the inside, with various zipped sections to keep your keys, lip balm and, of course, phone.

The Grab Bag

Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag at FioreThe grab bag is possibly the smallest of the oversized bags but it is perfect for the more reserved personalities out there. For those of you who like to stay organised, the grab bag is a fundamental purchase. It has an array of compartments which may sound far too practical to be mentioned in a fashion blog but for anyone who has experienced the panic of trying to find a ringing phone in the depths of beyond (aka your bag), it can be a godsend. For those laughing at the familiarity of the aforementioned scenario, look no further. Fiore would like to introduce the very delectable the Fiorelli Mia Tan Grab Bag – you are most welcome. You’ll need to get used to the head-turning from fellow fashion lovers as ‘Mia’ will ensure that you are organised, stylish and accessorising perfectly for any occasion. 

If you’ve found the perfect oversized bag, we’d love to see it! Feel free to share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and stay tuned to our fashion blog for more handbag news and fashion tips.

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