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Christmas-inspired handbag choices for the whole year

Festive Christmas jumper photo [via pixabay]Nothing says Christmas spirit quite like a festive, novelty jumper, as the film version of Bridget Jones's Diary made clear when it was released in 2001. Indeed, the rise of the Christmas jumper as a seasonal fashion essential has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, and here at Fiore, we're perfectly happy to embrace the novelty of the Christmas season. When it comes to our handbags however, we like to take inspiration from the season and ensure that our handbag collection remains stylish and on-trend all year long. After all, a bag is for life, not just for Christmas!

After picking the perfect outfit for the Christmas party and choosing the ideal accessories, all you need to finish off your festive outfit is the ultimate handbag. Christmas is the ideal time to treat yourself to a new bag, and at Fiore you can find a large range of handbags that embrace the spirit of the holiday season but are also perfect to use all year long - not something you can say about a festive jumper!

Lulu Guinness Wanda bag

Doll Face Small Wanda Bag

Lulu Guinness is a firm favourite of the Fiore team and it’s definitely not hard to see why, especially when her collection includes the fantastic Doll Face Wanda Bag. Designed on the concept of a classic tote, this gorgeous handbag offers a creative twist on an iconic Lulu design, resulting in a truly original style that is worth investing in. The inside of the Wanda bag boasts of plenty of room for all of your handbag essentials, including an interior mobile phone slip pocket, while the exterior vaunts a quirky design and a high quality finish that can weather any passing trends.

Olivia Jade Fiorelli bagOlivia Jade Flapover Shoulder Bag

Bold enough to stand out in the darkest of seasons yet eye-catching enough to remain classic and functional well into the summer months, the Olivia Jade flapover shoulder bag by Fiorelli is the perfect choice for year-round-style. Available in a gorgeous raspberry colour, the Olivia Jade shoulder bag features three roomy compartments with secure fastenings and also has a detachable shoulder strap, ensuring that this beautiful handbag remains practical while adding a touch of effortless style to your outfit.

Large Jenny bag by Lulu GuinnessLarge Jenny Bag

The colour red has long been associated with any number of ideas, from danger to love, but at Christmas, we associate the colour with Father Christmas himself – an unlikely style icon if ever there was one! Nevertheless, the large Jenny bag from Lulu Guinness is available in a vibrant red or a classic black so you can covertly channel Christmas spirit throughout the year. The quilted lips pattern finishes the bag off with a luxurious feel and, accompanied by the generous interior space, this handbag makes an ideal choice for any occasion, be it work, casual or a night on the town.

Tula Novelty purseNovelty Small Zip Purse

Of course, when it comes to novelty fashion, Tula has created the perfect purse that you can keep with you every day of the year, whatever your choice of handbag! If you’re a fairy tale aficionado with a love for accessories, for example, look no further than the Mirror Mirror Purse, while if you’re already hearing the January sales calling your name, the Penny Saved Purse could be the ideal design for you. As it’s Christmas, however, and the promise of a New Year’s celebration is right around the corner, we’re more inclined to keep our money safe while declaring our love for music, cocktails and shoes with the fantastic Razzle Dazzle Purse. Whatever your personal preference and whether you’re buying for yourself or a friend, these delightful purses are sure to bring a smile to your face every day of the year.

Who says you can only celebrate Christmas in December? Definitely not us! For more seasonal handbag fashion choices, browse our online collection of fantastic designers and don’t forget to request our Radley catalogue today to see the gorgeous handbags and accessories from the brand that is only available in store.

The Fiore team would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don’t forget to keep checking our Fiore fashion blog throughout 2015 for more fashion tips, trivia and news on our latest designer collections.

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