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Why modern handbags are more than just accessories

Anatomy of a bag photo by Priscilla Guimaraes on FlickrIn the modern world of the 21st century, it's no secret that handbags are more than just accessories - for most women, and some men, they can be a lifeline, and are just as valuable as our technological gadgets. The handbag is a fantastic essential item that ensures we keep everything we need with us always, whether that's our electronics to help us remain organised on the morning commute, our purses for a day at the shops, or even our make up for a night out. Forget about diamonds, the team here at Fiore is more inclined to think that handbags are a girl's best friend! What we haven't stopped to think about, however, is just how much we're carrying around with us on a daily basis, and a recent study has revealed that despite the advancement of technology allowing us to perform many tasks with just one device, the bags we're toting around with us are heavier than ever.

The digital revolution

The contents of our handbags have undergone a dramatic revolution over the past 20 years; women are swapping file organisers and A-Z directories for smartphones and Kindles, and 86% of the 3000 women surveyed admitted to never carrying cash, preferring to use debit cards for all of their purchases instead. While certain items, such as cheque books, cassette players and physical copies of books have been replaced in favour of credit cards, smartphones and e-readers, items that have stood the test of time include painkillers, chewing-gum and make-up.

With everything we’re carrying around, it’s no surprise that British women admitted to carrying around at least ten items of “junk” in their handbags, while only 23% of people claimed that they used these so-called junk items on a regular basis. The quickest way of keeping your bag tidy would be to empty it out, sort out its contents and throw out anything that is unnecessary, but we think the best way of reducing the amount of items we carry with us is to make sure that we have a bag for every possible occasion! Considering the average handbag collection is seven bags strong, investing in two or three key handbags to keep your favourite accessory junk-free and easy-to-carry ensures your handbag collection remains streamlined and functional for all your everyday needs.

Make your handbag collection work for you

Fossil Sydney Across Body Bag on Fiore

Out and about

For a perfect handbag that will keep you looking stylish but also features enough space for all of your daily essentials, look no further than this fantastic Fossil product. The Sydney Across Body Bag has a classic shape and design that adds an instant tailored edge to any outfit, yet the deceptively spacious interior guarantees ample room for all of your everyday essentials, including a media pocket for your smartphone, and an interior zipped pocket for items you want to keep secure. Keep a book, a compact mirror and some spare cash inside and this satchel will be ready for any spur-of-the-moment day trips.

Lulu Guinness Flossie Clutch on FioreNight on the town

Owning a go-to clutch bag ensures that your party outfit impresses every time, whether it’s for an event that’s been planned for weeks or a result of a last minute call from your friends. This is why we love this Flossie Clutch from Lulu Guinnes: the monochrome colour scheme means that this clutch can be worn with almost anything, whilst its interior boasts more than enough room for your keys, your emergency cash and even a digital camera for snapping a keepsake picture or two. The detachable gold snake chain means this clutch bag can easily adapt to your style needs, and the iconic bright red Lulu lips clasp serves as a gorgeous reminder to check your lipstick as the night goes on!

Bridget Tote by Fiorelli on FioreThe all-rounder

If you want to invest in just one bag for all your needs, from commuting to work to weekends away, the Bridget Monochrome Tote Bag will never let you down! With this bag, the fabulous designers at Fiorelli have created a product that is perfect for any occasion and provides a solution for of your organisational needs. Thanks to its padded front iPad pocket and three interior roomy compartments, separating out work items from leisure products and the all-important portable make-up collection has never been easier.

All of these fantastic handbags, and many more, are available both online and in our Abergavenny and Cowbridge store locations, where we also stock a range of in store exclusives from Radley London that you can browse beforehand by requesting our catalogue today. What do you carry in your handbag on a daily basis? Let us know by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and don’t forget to check back on our blog for more fashion news and tips!

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