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The attraction of the handbag

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From the striking designs of Lulu Guinness to the sophisticated leather look of Gianni Conti, here at Fiore we love handbags, whatever the style. In today's world, handbags are so much more than just a practical way to carry around your essentials; they can also be an important fashion accessory, which is why it's not surprising to hear of some celebrities owning one handbag for nearly each outfit! While this may not be financially viable for most of us, a recent survey of 2000 people conducted by Bespoke Offers has found that many women in the UK are increasingly following in the footsteps of celebrities by purchasing more and more handbags!

The survey found that one in ten women (11%) actually own 15 or more handbags, while half of the women surveyed had a collection of at least 7. Of these women, 44% admitted to buying handbags for 'special occasions' such as weddings, holidays and more, while 27% confessed that they were more likely to buy a handbag as an impulse decision. Interestingly, even though a fifth of the women admitted to purchasing handbags in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends, almost half of the women surveyed said that they prefer to stick with just one bag most of the time. The survey also discovered that handbags are no longer solely the domain of women as it revealed that men are developing their own accessory collection, with the average man now owning at least three so-called 'manbags'.

Spice up your handbag collection with some of our favourites

Here at Fiore, we know that many people update their wardrobe in September to prepare for autumn and winter, which is why we've added new stock from the likes of Lulu Guinness, Gianni Conti, Fiorelli and Tula to give our customers a wider variety of choice for the changing seasons. If you are struggling to find the perfect handbag for the upcoming months however, don't fret! We've listed a few of our favourites below to give you a little bit of new season inspiration:

Gianni Conti – Dark Brown

Gianni Conti - Dark BrownThe Gianni Conti leather grab bag is one of our newest additions and has quickly become one of our favourites. The bag effortlessly blends practicality with style, and features a contemporary dark brown leather finish, detachable leather straps and a deceptive amount of internal space! The bag's internal storage makes it a perfect accessory for anyone who is starting university or regularly travels for work, but its design guarantees that you'll undoubtedly stand out in any crowd.

Gianni Conti leather frame bag

Gianni Conti leather frame bagDue to the continuing development of technology and the fast pace of modern life, many people use handbags to carry around anything from a spare pair of shoes to an iPad or other mobile device. Women are therefore seeking out larger bags when choosing a handbag, but do not want to compromise on style, making the Tan Gianni Conti leather frame bag a perfect choice for anyone looking for a vast amount of space without losing any of the elegant style and design that Gianni Conti is famed for.

Lulu Black Verity

Lulu Black VerityWe know there are still a few months until Christmas yet, but it's never too early to prepare for the parties that the festive period brings. That's why we love the Lulu Black Verity handbag by Lulu Guinness. This small but chic handbag is charmingly created using black leather and is finished with a tasteful gold chain, leather strap, logo plaque and Lulu's gorgeous signature red lipstick charm. The extra addition of an interior zip pocket means that your personal belongings will remain secure, allowing you to get on with enjoying yourself!

Lulu Izzy Satchel

Lulu Izzy SatchelWe absolutely adore the Lulu Guinness Izzy Satchel not just because it boasts a striking selection of colours (both on the exterior and interior), but also because its design makes it perfect for any occasion! Despite its smaller size, the satchel will definitely command attention thanks to its cut out gold lips clasp, smooth leather finish and stone stripe cotton lining, and it also has the added advantage of including a phone holder and interior pocket to organise your handbag essentials!

Do you have multiple different handbags to suit any occasion or are you one of the 50% who admitted to sticking with one bag? We would love to hear from you and discover how many handbags you have in your collection. Share your thoughts and pictures with us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and remember to check out our special offers for great deals on a selection of our designer handbags!

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