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When Fashion meets technology - Lulu Guinness

During the Decoded Fashion summit that took place in London in May 2014, members of the fashion industry spoke out about how designers must welcome technology as part and parcel of their brand strategy. It was made clear to those in attendance from the tech, retail, marketing and fashion industries, that designers who do not embrace technology in today's market could find themselves left behind and losing out on business. Whilst some insiders such as trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort are somewhat unsure about the future of using technology in fashion, designers such as Lulu Guinness are embracing the advancements with excitement.

Lulu Guinness' Amelia handbagLulu Guinness: at the avant-garde of the industry

British designer Lulu Guinness, a favourite here at Fiore, believes that designers must be "fearless" about the incorporation of technology and she advises designers to embrace every type of technology they can. Lulu herself expressed an interest in using the manufacturing process of 3D printing to design certain fashion items, and she has even volunteered her well-known Perspex lip-shaped purse as a possible candidate!

Lulu Guinness is well-known for being at the forefront of fashion innovation, winning multiple industry awards such as the Ultimate Accessories Queen Award at last year's Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards, having her handbags featured in fashion magazines from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar, and two of her bags are on display at the V&A. An upcoming offering from the designer is a collaboration with ‘Autographer’ which has led to the creation of a handbag, similar to Lulu’s Amelia bag, which houses a special compartment intended to hold a camera which takes photos on-the-go. The camera senses light, motion, direction, colour and temperature and takes a snap every time it detects a change in these conditions - pretty cool, if you ask us!

Who else has their foot in the ‘fashion-tech’ door?

As the fashion and technology sectors move closer together and designs become bolder, ‘wearable tech’ looks are likely to become the norm. Studio XO in London have already designed ‘digital couture’ – made to measure fashion that incorporates technology - such as the 3D printed, bubble-blowing ‘Anemone’ dress and Volantis, the ‘flying dress’ for Lady Gaga, without forgetting the LED equipped stage costumes for the Black Eyed Peas; all of these futuristic items mixing design and technology have helped raise the profile of this type of fashion. 

Google Glass - Picture by Max Braun on Flickr

Elsewhere, in the tech world, O2 have recently released a set of designer bags that double as mobile phones for a project demonstrating the recycling of gadgets, and we have seen the release of ‘Google Glass’ earlier this year, with Google collaborating with designer Diane von Furstenberg in order to create a more fashionable version of this new piece of technology.

It’s clear that we are living in a time where the majority of us love having constant access to data and technology to help us streamline our lives. With the coming-together of the fashion and tech worlds, products have wider functionality and are equipped for aesthetic and technological purposes.

Lulu Guinness at Fiore

Here at Fiore, we admire the boldness and forward-thinking shown by Lulu Guinness, which is clearly visible in all the exciting designs featured in this blog, and we’re very excited for her camera bag to be released, and can’t wait to try it out! We already stock a large collection of Lulu Guinness handbags, purses, and accessories available online and in our Abergavenny and Cowbridge stores - our Cowbridge store has one of the largest Lulu Guinness sections in Wales!

What do you think of fashion’s collaborations with the world of technology? Would you purchase a piece of ‘wearable tech’ or would you prefer a more traditional version? Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic, via our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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