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Top essentials for your handbag

The average woman's handbag contents!

Whether you own a Tula, Fossil or Lulu Guinness handbag, you need to make sure it's equipped with the essentials. That's why here at Fiore we've put together our top essentials every woman needs in their handbags. After all, a handbag is essentially your portable home:

Health and well-being

While you're out and about, it's important to remember to bring along essentials that can help in any situation. A bottle of water is vital for keeping you hydrated and don’t be fooled by cooler weather, long trips out with no water can still cause dehydration. If you suffer from an allergy, make sure you bring with you any EpiPens you require, it is also important to bring paracetamol or other pain relief as headaches can ruin even the best of days.

Along with medications, you should make sure you carry products for that time of the month! You may or may not be expecting it, so it’s always best to be safe than sorry. You’d be surprised by the number of women who are unprepared for this situation – resulting in an unexpected trip to the shopping market.

Beauty products

Every woman should have a range of beauty products in their handbag for all situations. These include the likes of make-up, nail clippers and deodorant. If you’re taking a trip during the summer months or going on holiday it’s very important to carry sun cream. Melanoma rates have increased in men by 185% since the 1970s and by 55% in women and it’s been reported that this number will continue to increase.

Money, ID and keys

Money is a very important essential for every woman’s handbag, and that doesn’t just mean a credit card. While you should always carry a debit/credit card you should also have some cash on you. Around £15-£20 is typically advised as this will help you tackle any problems that may arise with your card, such as shops not accepting card or your card being declined. If you have a cheque book you can carry this around as well, although this is less important today due to the decline in the use of cheques.

It may sound stupid, but don’t forget to carry your house and car keys around with you. You don’t want to leave your house without them and find you can’t get back in when you return. Carrying your car and house keys around in your handbag is also safer than in a pocket as pick-pockets will find it harder to get into a handbag.

You should also carry around your ID with you, be that a CitizenCard or Driving Licence as you may be required to show it. If you drive and get stopped by the Police, carrying your driving license will help the situation. If you take public transport and have a pass, it is also essential that this is included in your handbag to save you paying for another ticket.


It’s important to leave your house carrying your mobile phone. If you get into trouble and need to call home this will be your best friend. It is also advisable to carry around the charger – just in case! If you’re going out to the beach or to laze around in the park, you could also carry a good book or e-reader as well as a tablet or music player, but please make sure these are stored in secure zip-locked pockets within a handbag. The last thing you want is to lose expensive items!

Other additional items

When planning your trip out, it is also important to look at the weather, if it’s raining or forecast to rain, make sure your handbag has an umbrella stashed away. If your handbag has the space, a change of clothing may also be a good idea!

Other items that you may wish to include are glasses, sunglasses plus a product to clean the lenses if you need to take them off.

Picking the right handbag for you

Not every handbag can carry all these essentials, while others can carry more. Picking the right handbag for the occasion is just as important as deciding what to carry. That’s why here at Fiore we stock a wide range of handbags from a number of high profile companies such as Fossil, Lulu Guinness and Tula. All the handbags we sell are genuine products and what’s more, most are included in our online sale.

We hope you enjoyed our top essentials and we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you carry items we haven’t mentioned, let us know on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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