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Top handbags for the beach

Tenby BeachIt's not often that we get to flaunt our summer fashion at the beach in Britain. These past few years have seen our summers turn into wet, damp squibs rather than warm, sunny paradises. Nevertheless, every so often the sun manages to reach our shores and we flock to the beaches! On these rare occasions it’s important you have the right equipment for a day at the seaside, and nothing is more practical than a stylish large handbag from one of our designer brands. A large handbag will allow you to pack everything you need, such as a picnic, sun cream, towel and the trusty bucket and spade if you have kids. However, many large handbags can look ugly and cheap, but not at Fiore! Our range of Tula, Ochre Blue and Fiorelli handbags provide you with practicality mixed with effortless style.

There is a wide range of large and practical handbags on the market today, so many in fact that it’s hard to pick a favourite, therefore we at Fiore have selected a few of our top selling large handbags which are perfect for the beach.

Ochre Blue Beth Large Hobo Shoulder BagOchre Blue hobo bag for Fiore

The Ochre Blue Beth Large Shoulder Bag is the perfect handbag for the stylish woman. Its gorgeous leather look and over the shoulder strap make it easy to carry. The bag is ideal for the hustle and bustle of everyday life and because it features a wealth of space inside it is ideally suited for spontaneous trips to the beach.

Tula Betty Large Tote Handbag

Do you work near a beach? If so the Tula Betty Large Handbag is the perfect handbag for you. Its sophisticated and yet practical design allow you to maintain your cultured and professional look at the latest board meeting and yet to be fully prepared for a lunch break on the sand! The bag features a range of inside pockets that are ideal for your mobile phone, board meeting notes as well as beach attire and accessories.

Tula Fulton Large Gladstone Shoulder Bag

If you've got children we understand that a day at the beach can be a stressful time. You’ll need to carry around everything, from buckets and spades to towels, spare clothes and all the other essentials a child needs! That’s why the Tula Fulton Large Gladstone Shoulder Bag is the perfect handbag for the working mother. This shoulder bag can easily fit all the essentials mentioned above whilst still turning the heads of other beach goers with its vibrant design. The bag is so practical that it also makes the perfect accessory for your holiday abroad. So whether you want to go to a beach in Hawaii, Australia or South Wales: this handbag is perfect.

Fiorelli Ginger Handbag

The beach is a perfect place for a BBQ or party; the crystal clear waters, cool breeze and beautiful sunset backdrop can make any occasion special. Whether you’re planning on attending a late summer BBQ or joining a party on a yacht near a beach, the Fiorelli Ginger Handbag is the fashionable handbag for you. It oozes Fiorelli style that will make you the highlight of any occasion. Featuring a range of interior pockets for your mobile and other party essentials as well as a zip lock for added security, this handbag is ideal for the sophisticated woman in you.

There are a large range of handbags that are perfect for the beach; we could spend hours talking about them all but we don’t want you to miss any ray of sunshine! Here at Fiore we are authorised to sell all of the designer handbags you can currently buy. If any of the products presented above have taken your fancy please feel free to contact us for more information and make sure to check our sale items. Many of our large handbags are currently reduced so grab a bargain today and get out there and enjoy summer.

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