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Crocs: the footwear of choice this summer

Crocs Clayman ClogAs summer rapidly approaches the warm weather means people have more opportunities to flaunt their summer gear such as handbags, shoes, sandals and other accessories.

Seeing how wet the weather was last year it would be a crime not to take advantage of any decent weather we may get this year! During the warmer weather make sure you let your feet breathe and remain fresh with a stylish new pair of Crocs.

Benefits of buying Crocs shoes

Crocs are unique in that they look stylish and help keep your feet cool, fresh and healthy. Crocs come with a built-in arch support, orthotic heel cup for a comfortable fit and circulation nubs which help massage your feet while you walk and stimulate blood flow. Every pair of Crocs is made with Croslite which is the proprietary closed-cell resin technology that gives Crocs their unique qualities that Croc fans enjoy on a daily basis.

It has also been revealed in a study on WebMD that Crocs can actually benefit your health. Crocs have been awarded the APMA official seal of approval thanks to their health benefits and in some cases doctors have recently started recommending them to patients with foot problems such as bunions. Perhaps the greatest health benefit they offer is that Crocs will easily mould to your feet, meaning that whatever shape or form your feet take you’ll get the support you need. Their bacteria resistant material also makes them the footwear of choice for many healthcare professionals.

Crocs were originally designed for people who spend a significant period of time on boats which means they air dry in minutes and are extremely slip resistant. Crocs are also great for travelling, brilliant on the beach and safe and convenient around the pool. The possibilities are endless!

Crocs also offer extremely good value for money when compared to other branded shoe products. Prices range from around £15-£50. They are such great value for money that the huge number of counterfeit Crocs on the market struggle to undercut the officials.

How to care for your Crocs sandals and shoes

So you've purchased your first pair of Crocs, you wear them every day and everywhere, but do you know how to look after your Crocs? Thankfully Crocs are some of the easiest footwear to maintain with minimal effort required, but there are a few issues to remember.

As with any product it’s best to keep them in good condition so you continue to get the performance you desire. To keep Crocs in pristine condition you  need to make sure that you keep them out of extreme temperatures; as Crocs that are exposed to extremes in temperature may see the Croslite PCCR material they are made of warp.

Crocs are well known for their extensive grip levels. However like a car tyre the levels of grip will gradually reduce with wear. For best results it is recommended that you replace your Crocs once their grip level is significantly reduced as this will help reduce the chances of accident or injury.

Footwear of the year

We believe in the quality of Crocs and the brand was recently named as the 2013 Comfort/Wellness Footwear Brand of the Year at the UK Footwear Industry Awards ceremony in Birmingham. They were also a finalist in the Kids Footwear Brand of the Year category.

Fiore: an authorised Crocs seller

Here at Fiore we are authorised stockists of Crocs footwear and have a variety of Crocs products for kids and adults alike, so you can feel confident knowing that the product you’re purchasing is a genuine Crocs product. View our full range of Crocs products on the Crocs page.

If you’re a fan of Crocs and want to share your views on them please head over to the Fiore Facebook page and to follow @FioreDirect on Twitter to get the conversation started!

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