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Spring/Summer 2013: Pastel and neon colours from the runway to your home

Fashion shows and the spring/summer 2013 season

We've discussed why fashion shows matter: whether you like runways or not, you end up being influenced by creations presented at a fashion show one way or another. Maybe not creations from this year, but everything we find on the high street is born from a fashion collection to some extent.

We've also presented you some of our favourite Radley handbags. If you haven’t done it yet order now your Radley catalogue! But what if you don’t have a favourite brand and are just open to novelties and want to follow your instincts?

Spring/summer 2013 trends

If you followed last year’s runway shows you probably already know it, but pastel and neon colours are back!

Pastel colours

Pastel hues have a soothing effect. Nice sweet colours remind us of our childhoods, a time where we were innocent and carefree. In our modern, stressful lives who doesn’t want a reminder of how simple life once was? Pastels also bring out the romantic side in all of us, and are perfect to tone down a colourful outfit. After all, sometimes we don’t want to be too flashy and conspicuous, do we?

If you’re looking for a nice and cute bag that is big enough to carry a few trinkets try the Ears Small Shopper Bag by Bulaggi. (With the weather we have we need at least sunglasses and umbrellas to fit in our bags!) The Pastel Violet Satchel by Zatchels is also a great example of handy bag, and its shape is in itself a reminder of childhood. If you like Zatchels but aren’t too keen on purple, have a look at the Polka Dot Baby blue satchel. What’s not to like in it? The Rose Print Belforte Satchel by Yoshi is another example of lovely pastel hues, with as an added bonus a charming floral design.

Neon and bright colours for a bold statement

One of the advantages of outfits like the famous little black dress is that you can really accessorise it as you like. So why not accessorise it with bold, clashing colours?


If a handbag is too big for you but you’d like to take the comeback of neon colours as an opportunity to carry around some bold accessory, try MyWalit wallets, purses and agendas. If you need a pencil case then choose a MyWalit pencil case, available in various colours, among which lime green and turquoise. We particularly like the MyWalit Double Flap Purse which, just like Mini Agenda, are already playing with clashing colours, presenting together bright orange and lime green, sometimes with black. The Double Purse Wallet with Silver Pen is a clever leather wallet which seems pretty classic at first as it is black on the outside. Yet when you open it you see bold colours which look even better clashing with black!

Fossil, Bulaggi, Zatchels and Crocs

Crocs shoeBright colours are very attractive. We love the Hunter Hobo Leather Shoulder Bag by Fossil and the Bun Grab Bag by Bulaggi for instance. They are both available in shiny red, have a nice decent size and an on-the-go style perfect in this season.

Bold hues are a specialty of Crocs shoes. These great comfortable shoes are available in plenty of colours, which means that you can either go classic or go bold. Have a look at our Fuchsia Toddler Cayman Crocs or our Classic Kids Sea Blue Crocs for instance. Adults are not the only ones who can have fun with fashion!

If you want to add more than a pinch of boldness to your attire, meet the Classic Orange Satchel by Zatchels. Interestingly, it brings together a very classic, vintage design and a bright, flashy colour. Clashing is not only in colours it’s also a matter of style.

We hope these give you some fashion inspiration. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think on our Twitter page or on our Facebook page!

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