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How many Easter eggs can fit in a handbag?

That's an answer we'd love you to give us! As Easter is coming, so are Easter egg hunts and bonnet parades. This raises an important question: which handbag is best to go egg hunting?

Easter eggs

Size matters

If you're willing to make the most of your Easter egg hunt and plan to get home with enough chocolate to last more than a few hours, you’d better be prepared, and choose a large handbag. We’re thinking of the Tula Large Work Bag for instance: a resistant (eggs can be heavy), wide leather bag. It’s available in brown and black so chocolate stains won’t show! Not that the chocolate eggs risk melting if we believe the weather forecast, but you never know, accidents happen!

For the same reasons we like the Rowallan Wetpack, perfect for your partner to help you out on your chocolate hunt. The Taurus Freestyle, available in navy, black, chocolate and tan for the occasion (white and raspberry are maybe too risky), will allow you to collect your Easter eggs and keep both your hands free since it’s an across body bag.

Fossil Key Per Shopper Multi Bag Fiore Direct

Large and easy to clean? Come here

The Fossil Key Per Multi shopper Bag has also attracted our attention with its PVC coated canvas and fully lined interior that makes it easy to clean. The main compartment is large enough to welcome a nice big Easter egg and loads of smaller ones! Furthermore, the inside pockets allow you to keep close your mobile phone and your keys at hand, isn’t that great?

Bringing in some colours

It’s spring after all, so why not bring out the bright colours during the Abergavenny Easter Bonnet Parade on Saturday 30th March? You can come and pick up your handbag in our store right before the parade starts at 11am if you want.

The Fossil Hunter Hobo Leather Shoulder Bag is great for many reasons: it’s large, the strap is adjustable, it has slide pockets… and it’s available in a nice tomato colour. Another of our bags available in red is the cheerful Polka dots Red & White satchel by Zatchels. This sturdy, colourful bag will protect your Easter eggs from any exterior threat, whether it comes in the form of a fall or of a greedy friend! If these two bags are not to your liking, have a look at the Bulaggi Bun Grab Bag, which is definitely a winner for egg hunting: bright, large with a shoulder trap and a bag in bag included!

The Tumble and Hide Biella Doctors Bag also looks great for the job: it comes in either black or red, and after all, chocolate is medicine, isn’t it? This strong, big Doctor’s bag is high quality Italian craftsmanship at your service.

Bright themes

Since spring is slow to show the tip of its nose, we’ve decided to help it by offering you flowery bags. The Bulaggi Floral Print Shoulder Bag is stylish, black with a bright floral design with predominant red flowers. It is great for every season, just like the Fossil Key Per Across Body Bag with its two very different themes: roses and birds & trees. Sure, these two bags will not help you bring home many Easter eggs, but they will undoubtedly brighten your day.

If you prefer more classic colours such as the lovely white of the Bulaggi 2 Sides Shopper bag, whose whiteness is perfectly harmonised with the brown rope-like handle, you can add a pinch of colour with smaller items like the Tula Novelty Razzle Dazzle zip coin purse. Bees, flowers and rainbows, that’s like spring, isn’t it?

Easter bunny

We wish we had a bunny bag, but the closest we have to it is the Bulaggi Ears Small Shopper Bag, lovely in white (bone to be precise) and pink, with its handles like bunny ears, It is also of reasonable size for egg hunting.

Easter Egg hunts

Now that you have the right bag for the occasion, where can you go egg hunting? We can’t cover all of the UK so we’ll stay close to home and to our two stores in Hereford and Abergavenny. The Hereford Times has listed for us the best treasure hunts organised in the Hereford area, with many being held in properties owned by the National Trust or English Heritage. An Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Bonnet Competition is also organised in Hereford, and in Abergavenny we’re expecting the Easter Gift Fair on Monday 1st April along with the Saturday Easter Bonnet Parade aforementioned.

Now that you’re all set up the last thing we have to do is wish you a Happy Easter egg hunting!

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