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How many bags do we need?

Let's be honest: we all need several bags, no matter what. Although men and the less fashion-conscious may scoff, even if you're not interested in fashion, you appreciate having a large bag when you want to carry around all your belongings (your necessities, a book, a drink, your lunch, and even an extra jumper or jacket if it’s a bit chilly outside).

An average-sized bag is a must for everyday use, and a small bag or just a pouch or clutch wallet at times is great when you just need your ID and credit card to go and have a drink with friends. A cute backpack also comes in handy to do some shopping or even some tourism. So we need between three and four bags just for utility purposes, different sizes for different situations.

We need colours too!

That’s without mentioning colours: we need different bags in different styles to go with our various clothes. Some bags can be very versatile, but nothing beats having a choice of bags to fit every style and colour combination. Bags can also give us confidence along with style and they are definitely a fashion accessory. Nowadays you can’t be a proper fashionista with just one bag.

Fossil, cool, vintage and authentic handbags and purses

Extra appeal: the Fossil Maddox flap bag

Fossil is an American brand created in 1984, aiming at making handbags fashionable and stylish instead of purely functional. We love the addition of a key to accessorise handbags like the Maddox flap bag or the Fossil Vintage Key Per Shopper Bag, giving it extra charm. You can easily take it off if you prefer, some do to protect their cars since the key may scratch it up!

Clever: the Fossil Key Per Triple Pouch

Fossil Key Per Triple PouchWe all know the good old fashioned “buy one get one free” motto, Fossil has upped the game with a “buy one get two free” with their sets of pouches. Indeed, we have just added to our collections the Fossil Key Per Triple Pouch with its “birds in a tree” design and we still have the earlier version of the Key per Triple Pouch for nostalgic customers. It’s actually a set of three pouches, all made in PVC coated canvas with a fully lined interior (great to clean easily the inside of the pouch!). Whatever size your bag is, you will have the right pouch to go in. It makes life so much easier to have one pouch for all occasions, just like having a handbag liner.

Assorted designs with the Fossil Key Per Handbags

If you love the fresh “birds in a tree” design of the Triple Pouch you will melt for the Fossil Key Per Across Body Bag, with its adjustable strap the same colour as the trinkets used to decorate the zippers. Obviously this bag wouldn’t be complete without a few front and interior pockets!

If you couldn’t resist the striped Triple Pouch, then you will fall for the Fossil Key Per flap Across Body Shoulder Bag!

Fossil bags and much more in our online shop

If you’re looking for refreshingly authentic bags and our small presentation of key Fossil products appealed to you, go and check out our dedicated Fossil department. Most of our Fossil handbags are on sale, how great is that?

You can also browse our Sale items section for exclusive discounts for handbags by Fossil but also Tula bags and Tula purses, Ochre Blue or Hidesign, to name but a few.

If you live around Abergavenny or Hereford, you’re most welcome to pop into our stores for an even better shopping experience!

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