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New Year, New Products

Keep calm, we will keep selling the brands we currently sell such as Tula, Ochre Blue or Fiorelli. We have simply decided to offer you even more choice when you go bag shopping!

We are glad to introduce [drum rolls]... Zatchels,Tumble & Hide and Yoshi to our collection of fashion handbags and accessories!


Looking for a new elegant bag, solid and trustworthy? We have just what you need. You know satchels and you may have used them as a kid to put your books in. They never failed you, never broke despite the weight you put in. Our satchels today are made of high quality leather so they will resist the weight of the dozen things you must have in your bag. As far as dimensions are concerned, our satchels are 14,5” (36.8cm) wide, perfect to carry around all the time: they are small enough that they are easy to handle, and big enough that you can carry the latest book or e-book to read on your way to work, a PDA/phone, stationery and all your essentials.  You can fit in a small laptop and/or a tablet, a newspaper, your latest A4 presentation for work or uni, a snack and a drink on the go.

Zatchels is a British brand selling satchels handmade in England. We love the fact that they are hand-stitched. You can definitely see the expert craftsmanship and the quality of the leather, and the silver nickel buckles add to the picture to make perfect bags. The time when satchels were used by school boys to bring their books to school is gone and forgotten.

The satchels we offer you today are everything but old-fashioned: if you are looking for something classy and classic, the black leather satchel is made for you. For a touch of modernity while keeping a classic style you can opt for another colour such as orange.

You can also forget the classic and embrace our polka dots satchels in baby blue and red with white dots.

Finally, our favourite is the rightfully named Harmony satchel, which combines and contrasts skilfully black and white for an elegant satchel. It also comes with a handle to carry around if you prefer it to a strap.

Tumble & Hide

Tumble & Hide handbagTumble & Hide is a brand launched in 2011 by family-run, UK-based Lichfield Leather, also famous for 1642, Yoshi and Safari bags. The Tumble & Hide motto is “Born in Britain, ispirato da Italia”. These bags (satchels, tote bags, flap bags…) are indeed inspired by Italy, and made from Santa Croce leather. The leather comes directly from renowned Scuola del Cuoio, the Leather School in Florence, which benefits from centuries of expertise in leather craftsmanship.

Tumble & Hide then turns this amazing quality Italian leather into elegant, timeless creations crafted in Britain with designs conceived in the UK.

If you are looking for a Doctor’s bag, an organiser or a more classic flap over bag, by choosing a Tumble & Hide bag you can be sure it is high quality.


Yoshi is a quirky brand by Lichfield Leather. Retro, kooky, colourful are perfect adjectives to describe the Yoshi brand.

We have chosen for you a black retro Belforte satchel with detachable shoulder strap with a twin buckle.

We also love the handy little backpack by Yoshi, perfect to carry around when you don’t want a handbag. It comes in dark colours, brown, black and navy. It has internal pockets, front and back outside pockets and is made with high quality stitched leather.


Here are our new additions to the shop, please tell us in the comments if you would like us to sell more brands or more products by Zatchels, Tumble & Hide or Yoshi.

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