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Our Christmas Letter to Santa

Letters To Santa - Georgetown Jingle 2010

Dear Santa, 

Here at Fiore, we've been working hard all year to make our customers happy. We've been taking good care of our products and of our website. Our blog has been updated throughout the year and we even have over 100 items on sale. We have all been nice (except for one who’s been a bit naughty but we won’t blow the whistle on them!). To make your task easier to make us presents we have chosen the gifts we want among our products. We’re keeping some milk and cookies just for you in our back office – and a carrot for Rudolf, of course.

Here is our wish list for Christmas. As in every family, everyone in Fiore has a role, from grandparents to grandchildren. With two shops, one in Abergavenny and one in Hereford, the family has grown a bit since we first opened.

-          Grandma has wholeheartedly managed the company since its creation. She is a graceful elderly woman with a passion for handbags. She misses a little the good old times, which is why she deserves an elegant handbag such as the Tula flapover handbag, modern yet not too modern for her tastes.

-          Grandpa asked for a pen like every year so you are allowed to choose between the Lamy Studio ballpoint pen and a wetpack so that he has something to carry around his collection of pens!

-          Although Mum won’t admit it, she’s been dreaming of a red tote bag all year but is afraid she is too old for that. Don’t listen to her if she asks for flowers. If she does tell you that, give her a Bulaggi floral bag she’d look great with it!

-          Dad is still a sports fan and loves his car so we thought a Retro Car Wallet would be the perfect gift for him. It also gives him somewhere to put his pocket money instead of filling his back pockets with change.

-          Our big sister obviously can’t make up her mind and wants the whole shop to herself. She must have one bag per occasion in a colour that fits her clothes so we’ll make a choice for her. We can totally see her with a large tote bag with a cute design on it. As she needs a new purse too pick a rainbowy one among our Mywalit range she’s been eyeing them for months!

-          Our little sis loves playing in the puddles of water and mud so she definitely needs new shoes and crocs are the obvious choice for her. Lightweight, resistant, waterproof yet cute especially in fuchsia.

-          Finally, our little brother will sure be a nice little boy if you are kind enough to offer him a new trolley and/or a new backpack. He loves dinosaurs so I guess it is easy to choose which trolley to get him!

As for me…. Well, I’m your elf so I’ll tell you later ;)


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