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A stolen handbag is not just an inconvenience

Pleated handbagHaving your handbag stolen is more than an inconvenience, ruled Judge Zoe Smith. She told the court what many women already know and few men truly appreciate: a handbag is not just an accessory, but a lifeline.

"It's not just inconvenience, it causes fear as well," she said. "Her phone is taken, her cards, her money to get a cab is taken, her keys to the door of her house. Then there is the fear of anyone coming to break into the house. It’s a terrible thing to do and girls are left stranded on their own."

The Judge gave the telling off to Kamran Latif, 34, who was found guilty of snatching two handbags, at a heading at Reading Crown Court. Defence barrister Edward Culver had argued for leniency, suggesting the crimes had been ones of inconvenience.

For many of us, our handbags contain our lives in miniature. Handbags are a combination of fashion and function, and we couldn’t live without them. Having a handbag stolen is like having a part of you stolen.

Often handbags contain everything a woman needs to run her life – phone, diary or organiser, personal mementos, make-up, jewellery, medicines, purse, keys, credit cards and so much more besides.

But there’s more to them than that. Your choice of handbag is also an expression of your personality. They are also a statement, an aspiration – whether that’s to look professional, or fashionable, or sexy, or whatever you want to be.

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