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Olympics in style - Union Jack fashion

Union JackLast week we had a look at some of the Olympics-influenced fashion trends that we're seeing this year, and this week we're looking at the best of Union Jack flag fashion!

(Note to pedants and fact-fans: although technically the Union Jack should be called the Union Flag except when flown from the jack of a ship, the term “Union Jack” has passed into popular and official usage, with even the UK Flag Institute allowing that it can be called the Union Jack. So we’re calling it the Union Jack!)

Flag fashion… is it nifty or naff? Hadley Freeman of The Guardian isn’t a fan, citing a Union Jack onesie and Gerry Halliwell’s union flag dress as Olympic fashion faux-pas. Well, the answer is probably both. It’s not everyday attire, but frankly, with the Olympics taking centre stage, there’s no better time to show some patriotic enthusiasm

Back in June, Nick Groom, the leading expert on the Union Jack, described the flag's past, present and future. Mr Groom explained how the Union Jack had become a "fashion icon", and was now more than ever, a "symbol of inclusivity and diversity".

"It's a people's flag,” he told BBC News. UK celebs have always loved to celebrate with a bit of patriotic posing. Sky Living reports these flamboyant Brits in pictures, each demonstrating how to flaunt the flag to full effect.

Of course Union Jack fashion itself is old news…  Way back in 1997, Geri Halliwell flaunted a tiny flag mini-dress at the Brit Awards, while Kate Moss was no stranger to the Jack at the height of 90’s Brit mania. Now well into 2012 with the Jubilee and Olympics making headlines, are we welcoming back Cool Britannia? I’m not sure actually. With the all-seeing somewhat cycloptic eye of Wenlock overlooking events, I think there may be a certain loss of feel-good factor.

All the more reason to don one’s flag dress, Union Jack lip tattoos and flag-decorated wellies, I say. Don’t forget to accessorise, for example with this Ciccia Sporty Zip coin purse.

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