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It's A Key-Per!

At Fossil they just love vintage prints and patterns, and Fossil's distinctive product design aesthetic is also clearly vintage inspired. A global retailer with over 390 stores worldwide, this eclectic brand is known for its successful fashion lifestyle products and accessories' including watches, handbags, small leather goods, clothing and jewellery.

Fiore is proud to offer Fossil products online and in-store. One facet of the Fiore selection is its Fossil Key-Per range.

The key is a fashion accessory of the moment, and Fossil has included them as an attractive adornment to their handbag range.  You can choose from the colourful vintage print cross-body bags or the multi-shopper, for example, while the Vintage Re-issue range is similarly adorned with keys.

We particularly like the Fossil Emilia bag and the Fossil Drawstring bag for those days when you need just a bit more space.  The canvas and leather Vintage Re-Issue Frame bag is also very distinctive.

The key is an iconic design image dating back to way back when. The Victorians were probably the first to use it as a design element, rather than just for locking and unlocking doors! This Victorian-inspired lariat style necklace crafted by Lucie Tales, France, is a great example.  

The key has long been used as a fashion accessory in necklaces, particularly as wearing keys on necklaces preceded keeping them on key rings or in purses, and now we see a resurgence of this with the popularity of ‘steampunk’ style in recent years.

Have I convinced you of the merits of the key as fashion icon? Choose your vintage inspired Fossil handbag here today and get 10% off!


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