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Pretty but Practical: Purses by Fiorelli

The Fiore Fiorelli sale is on NOW, and we have a wide range of purses to offer in all shades, shapes and sizes. The Fiorelli Monroe is quite literally a purse with a twist, while the leopard skin pattern of the Taylor is a large, bold design. Contrast these with the classic styles of Fiorelli Emin or Collins, and you’ll see that Fiorelli at Fiore has the perfect work or play solution for you without having to dig deep into your existing, tired old purse.

Wedding to go to? Fiorelli Magnum is a stylish handbag that is so easy to accessorise. Sporting day out? What else would you take but Fiorelli’s Wimbledon, available in four colours including tennis white.  Perfect purses at a pinch.

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